Everything You Need to Know About Pharmacy Technician Programs

Overview of Pharmacy Technician Programs

You’ve been thinking about starting a new career as a pharmacy technician, but not sure where to begin looking for the right training program? This article will give you the complete lowdown on the key things to look for in a pharmacy tech program. We’ll cover the different types of programs, what’s involved in hands-on training, how long programs take to complete, certification requirements, and tips to find a quality, reputable program that will set you up for success. With the info here you’ll feel confident and prepared to take the next steps towards this rewarding healthcare career. Whether you’re fresh out of high school or making a career change, read on to get the inside scoop so you can make the best choice for your goals and needs when picking a pharmacy technician program.

Key Components of a Hands-on Pharmacy Technician Program

So you want to become a pharmacy technician? Great choice! Pharmacy tech programs provide the skills and credentials you’ll need for this in-demand career. Coursework Typically Includes: 

– Anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology: You’ll learn how drugs work in the body.

– Pharmacy law and ethics: Important rules and regulations to know to work professionally and legally.  

– Dosage calculations: Accurately calculating medication dosages is a key part of the job.

– Pharmacy software training: Most pharmacies use specialized software to manage inventory, process insurance claims, and fill prescriptions.

Hands-on practice is also a big part of most programs. You’ll get supervised on-the-job experience, often called an externship or internship. This experience is invaluable for learning skills like operating pharmacy equipment, maintaining patient records, and customer service.

Program Options

Certificate and associate’s degree programs are common. Certificates typically take 6-12 months and degrees around two years. Either will prepare you to become certified. Some pharmacists start as techs and later become pharmacists. A degree program may include more general education and be a step toward a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy.

With the right training and credentials, you’ll be ready to start your career as a pharmacy technician. And the job opportunities are abundant, with faster than average job growth expected over the coming years. The healthcare field needs you!

Information About Pharmacy Technician Programs

To become a pharmacy tech, you’ll need proper training. Hands-on programs provide opportunities to gain experience in a real-world setting.Coursework

You’ll take classes on pharmacy procedures, pharmacology, and pharmacy law. Coursework typically includes both theory and practical components.Internships  

Many programs require an internship at an actual pharmacy. This allows you to gain on-the-job experience under the guidance of licensed pharmacists and techs.Certification Exam Preparation 

A good program will prepare you to pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE). This includes reviewing the content areas that will be covered on the exam.

Job Placement Assistance

The program should offer resources to help you land your first job as a pharmacy tech. This may include help with resume writing, interview skills, and networking.

Completing a hands-on pharmacy technician program is the best way to gain the skills and experience you’ll need for this career. With the right training, you’ll be prepared to pass your certification exam and start working as an entry-level pharmacy tech in no time. The opportunities in this growing field are many, so start researching programs in your area today!


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