Explore the places to visit in Turkey | Straightforward process to your Turkey e-Visa

If you are looking to begin your journey for Turkey, then you must be prepared and need to read this blog thoroughly. Here, in this blog post, you will get some very important information regarding your Turkey e-Visa. This visa is for everyone and every purpose. No matter which country you belong to, or what type of goal you have like traveling for tourism or traveling for a business trip. Every step forward is made to maintain the relevancy of work. This e-Visa process is smoother and more convenient for our customers. The professional team members know everything very well, they know what is best for you and what you should make sure of. If you feel any confusion regarding our e-Visa application form, please contact visa experts. Take consultation for them and then continue with the process for visa.

Now before beginning the article, You will get a brief about what this blog is about. Here, go through the requirements for your e-Visas and the steps involved in applying for an e-Visa application.

About The Wonderful Turkey

Turkey is located between two continents. It is a country with a rich historical tapestry and a variety of scenery. From Ephesus’ historic wonders to Cappadocia’s bizarre rock formations. This country is rich in both cultural and natural attractions. Istanbul is a transcontinental city. It bears witness to Turkey’s historical significance. Bearing the imprints of Byzantine and Ottoman empires in iconic landmarks like the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. Pamukkale’s thermal terraces and Antalya’s Mediterranean allure further enhance Turkey’s allure. Modernity and tradition coalesce in Istanbul’s vibrant streets. Turkish cuisine offers a delectable mix of kebabs, mezes, and baklava that completes the sensory voyage through this enchantment.

Requirements For E-Visa

According to the main requirements for e-Visa, you must carry at least 2 passport-sized photographs of yours. And another is your copy of the bio page of your passport. But you need to make sure that the passport must be valid for at least 60 days. 

In other cases, like for business travelers, you must carry your copy of the business card with you along with a copy of your passport and your passport-sized photograph.

E-Tourist Visa Requirements

  • Two Passport Sized Photograph
  • Scanned Copy Of The Bio Page Of Passport (details must be visible)

E-Business Visa Requirements

  • Two Passport Sized Photograph
  • Scanned Copy Of The Bio Page Of Passport (details must be visible)
  • Copy Of Business Card

Read the Below Steps before Filling out the e-Visa Application Form

In the starting point, you must mention your nationality. Provide accurate information without any mistakes.

After that fill in the essential details like your name, family details, arrival and departure date, and more. 

Then proceed to the next page by clicking on the next button at the bottom. Here you have to fill in another set of details. Check the form after filling in the details, otherwise, your e-Visa may get declined.

There are several processing time for visas which includes the fastest processing time of 2 hours and the lowest processing time of 4 days. Here I will present you the list of them:-

  1. Standard e-Visa is processed in 4 Days
  2. Urgent e-Visa is processed in 48 Hours
  3. Rush e-Visa is processed in 24 Hours
  4. Super-Fast e-Visa is processed in 4 Hours
  5. Emergency e-Visa is processed in 2 Hours

After completing the above section, you will see some more sections which include steps. Follow them till the end and provide accurate information every time. 

Moving on to the last step process, you are required to pay the amount of the fee for your e-Visa. You can make your payment via PayPal, Credit Card, or Debit Card.

After you make the payment, your evisa will be on your email as per the processing time.

If you doubt the application process, just don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team member will contact you soon and help you resolve any query.

Most Attractive Places to Visit in Turkey

Istanbul: It stands as the most significant place which is cultural and historical in Turkey. Istanbul is located between two continents Asia & Europe. Travelers who are visiting Istanbul, turkey must visit these places. These are Hagia Sophia, blue mosque, Topkapi Palace, and Grand Bazaar. I am pretty sure that you will love it the most. Experience the attractive landscapes and beauty of nature.

Cappadocia: Experience the world of wonders and the beauty of nature at this important place of Cappadocia. It is famous for fairy tales like chimneys, caves, and extraordinary rock formations. This place takes you to the skies with hot air balloon rides, which involve breathtaking scenery. This place is fictional with story-tale-like scenes and will make you feel good all through the trip.

Ephesus: These are among the best preserved ancient places around the world. You can check out here and notice the ancient life of Romans. The best places for youngsters to elder people. This place includes the best-preserved library of Celsus, the temples of Artemis, and the great theater. Check this out and you’ll love it.

Pamukkale: This place is very famous in Turkey and it is known as the “cotton castle”. The house’s terraces are made of white travertine which are filled with thermal waters. Discover the ancient city of Hierapolis and swim in the thermal pools to make you feel relaxed and happy. Try now whenever you visit Turkey never forget this.

Antalya: Explore the stunning coast city with more money in your pockets. Spend more days here without any hassle and explore more and more. This place is very famously known for it beaches, ancient ruins, and vibrant nightlife. There are more to explore and it is not the end. There is an old town of Kaleici, visit the Antalya Museum. Also, explore the scenic beauty of Duden Waterfalls. Don’t forget and don’t hesitate to visit this place now otherwise you will forget your passport there.


In conclusion, we are now clear about the process and the requirements for e-Visa to Turkey. We have gone through the path of the e-Visa application process and got everything cleared. This information is very necessary for those who are traveling to Turkey. No matter for tourism or business. This guide is for both requirements. We first discussed the requirements of a visa, then we moved on to the step-by-step guide on the Turkey e-Visa application process and there we have gone through the types of processing times for visas. So, this is all the essential information we have shared with you all. Hope this helps you. 


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