Exploring The Easiest Way For Indians To Get A UAE Visa On Arrival

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most visited countries in the world, and with cities offering some of the best tourist attractions, it is no wonder this country overflows with tourists each year. Making this country an even bigger attraction is the easy way of getting a Dubai visa for Indians.

Let’s go and have a look at the way to get a Dubai visa on arrival for Indians.

What Is A UAE Visa On Arrival?

A visa on arrival for the UAE is one way eligible Indians can obtain on arrival at the airport. The way to get a Dubai visa on arrival for Indians is to check if you are eligible, gather the documents, and travel to Dubai to apply for your visa at the airport. 

This convenient option lets you book your flight tickets and travel plans without worrying about applying for a visa. 

Indians can stay in Dubai for 14 days with an on-arrival visa. There is also the option to extend it for a further 14 days. 

However, it is important to note that eligibility criteria must be met before you can obtain a visa on arrival.

Eligibility Criteria For Visa On Arrival

Before you go and obtain a visa at the airport, it is important to see if you meet the criteria to be eligible for this option. 

To be eligible, you need one of the following, valid for at least six months: 

  • US visa issued by the US.
  • US green card issued by the US.
  • UK residence visa.
  • Schengen or EU residence visa.

It is important to note that even if you are eligible for the visa on arrival, it does not mean that you are guaranteed to get one. 

Documents Needed To Get The UAE Visa On Arrival

Once you have one of the documents mentioned above to meet the eligibility criteria, you need a few more documents to apply for the on-arrival visa. To get your visa at the airport, you need a valid passport, a return flight ticket, and a credit/debit card or AED cash for the fee.

Once you have all the documents, you can travel to the UAE and get a Dubai visa.

Applying For Your Visa On Arrival In Dubai

Now, let’s look at the way to get a Dubai visa on arrival for Indians:

  1. At the airport in India, show proof of your valid US, UK, or Schengen visa.
  2. Once your information has been verified, you will be provided a boarding pass to allow you on the flight to the UAE.
  3. Upon arrival, you must visit the Marhaba Services stall in the airport.
  4. At the counter, provide all your documents and pay the visa fees.
  5. You will receive your Dubai visa once all your documents have been verified.

And just like that, you can receive a visa at the airport in Dubai!

What If You Are Not Eligible For An On-Arrival Visa?

Not to worry. If you do not meet the criteria for obtaining a Dubai visa on arrival, there are other ways of conveniently getting a visa for the UAE.

Dubai offers Indians citizens the option of getting an electronic visa (e-visa). The e-visa allows you to apply for and obtain the visa online without visiting an embassy. 

To make this even more convenient, you can use online portals like Atlys or apply through your Dubai airline.

The process is really easy: simply complete the online application, submit your required documents, pay the e-visa fee, and wait for your visa to be processed.

Once you receive your e-visa online, you can travel to Dubai.

Dubai On-Arrival Visa VS Dubai E-Visa

Next, we will quickly examine the better option between the on-arrival visa and the e-visa for Dubai.

The visa on arrival is a very convenient way of obtaining a visa for Dubai if you meet the requirements without having to go through the process of applying for a visa beforehand. 

However, if your visa on arrival gets denied, you can get deported back to your country. This means you lose money on flight tickets, and it ruins your travel plans.

The e-visa can easily be obtained online before travelling. Knowing you have a valid visa before visiting Dubai gives you peace of mind. 

Now You Know!

The way to get a Dubai visa on arrival for Indians is straightforward. Once you meet the eligibility criteria and have all the documents, you can travel to Dubai and obtain your visa at the airport. 

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We have also seen that the other convenient option is to apply for the Dubai e-visa. This visa can be obtained online in a few easy steps.

See which visa suits you best, and enjoy your travel to Dubai!

Government source:

If you want to learn more about the ways to get a Dubai visa on arrival for Indians, visit the government website: The official portal of the UAE government.


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