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Facebook provide marketers third-party verification of audience numbers

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Facebook provide marketers third-party verification of audience numbers


Facebook has become the first social media platform to take a step towards providing marketers third-party verification of audience numbers. With this Facebook has also cleared key hurdle in getting MRC accreditation.

Facebook and Instagram have cleared a key hurdle toward accredited third-party measurement of ad viewability

It was announced by the Media Rating Council that Facebook has passed an internal audit of the data collection system. It is only a small step by Facebook as it has gone through a lot of hurdles towards its internal audience measurement system. The MRC audit committee report said that Facebook was materially compliant with its minimum industry measurement guidelines.

We can say that this is quite a good move by Facebook while it is getting into a lot of negative news. Either it is about Russian influence in US elections or hearing in the UK. The following stage on the group of onlookers checks front for Facebook is for the MRC to review and certify the procedure of Facebook and Instagram passing their information to outsider estimation firms Moat, Integral Ad Science, and DoubleVerify. MRC-accredited third-party validation of their audience measurements is what is demanded by the marketers from Facebook and other social networks.

Facebook is the first social networking site to get an approval of their internal data collection and processing systems from MRC. “We do think this is a huge achievement Facebook has accomplished, finishing basically the front-end some portion of the pipeline procedure that has been made,” says MRC Senior Vice President David Gunzerath. “We’re anticipating evaluating the outsider sellers, who we do have involvement with and are certify for certain different parts of their items.”

According to Gunzerath, ” this is the first and most significant step towards view-ability measurement that has been a great focus for a large number of marketers till now. He also added that- Today’s approval doesn’t cover fraudulent traffic detection.


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