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Facebook’s Newest Feature Tells “Your Time On Facebook”

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Facebook’s Newest Feature Tells “Your Time On Facebook”

Facebook's Newest Feature Tells Users to Get Off Facebook

Facebook released your time on the Facebook tool to help you track your time spent on Facebook. This tool has been released to help people manage the time that they spend on Facebook every day.

According to the Facebook blog, Facebook doesn’t want people to spend all of their time on social media. They want people to spend time positively and intentionally.

Facebook time tracking tool


Actually, this “Your time on Facebook” tool was announced four months earlier by the social giant (Facebook) and we were hoping it to be released earlier. Last week only Facebook released same time tracking tool for Instagram also.

So now you can set time limits for how much time you want to spend over Facebook. Once you set the time, you will get a Pop-UP notification when that time limit gets reached but your App will still keep on working and it won’t stop.

You can find this feature by hitting on the “More” Tab on the app, then you will have to go to “settings and privacy” option and then clicking on ” your time on Facebook” Tab. It only works on the mobile app. It clearly means that you can track your time spent on Facebook but if you use a desktop or a laptop to use Facebook then the time spent will not be calculated.

This tool shortcut is also present to a notification, news feeds and friend request setting.

Time tracking tools by other App

In Instagram, the same feature named ” Your Activity” was released which provides the same function (how much time user spend on Instagram).  By using this feature, now you can think according to your health point of view and can use only till that amount of time that is not harmful to your mental health.

A similar feature called “screen time” has been introduced by Apple on IOS and Google also releasing ” Digital wellness” dashboard which will be available with Android 9.0 version.

Therefore we can say that tech companies have started thinking about the health of its users and so they don’t want its users to have some health problem as using these apps can create mental health and addiction too, which can result in a great danger.


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