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Filing L&I claim in Washington State: Things to know

Every year, hundreds of workers in the US get injured on the job. If you are in Washington State and had the misfortune of getting injured on the job, you can file for an L&I claim, to get compensated. Once you feel better, you need to consider consulting an experienced lawyer for your workers’ compensation claim. Names like The Walthew Law Firm have been working for injured workers for the longest time, and their lawyers know the entire process of filing an L&I claim and more. In this post, we are sharing more on filing an L&I claim in Washington State. 

Steps to take after getting injured

a. First things first, seek medical assistance. See a doctor, and you can choose your own doctor too, to evaluate your injuries. 

b. Next, inform your supervisor and employer about the incident and your injuries, as soon as possible. 

c. Complete the ROA or Report of Accident form. This form will be available with your physician or employer. 

d. File the L&I claim. If you are unsure of how to do that, you should consider seeking assistance from an experienced lawyer. 

Knowing the deadlines

Note that deadlines apply when it comes to filing an L&I claim. Like we mentioned, inform the incident to the supervisor first and get medical attention immediately. Seeing a doctor is important because you can then understand the seriousness of your injuries and get a fair benefit from an L&I claim. Coming to the deadline, you have one year for filing an industrial injury claim with L&I from the date of the accident. For occupational disease claims, the deadline is two years, from the date when your doctor gave you a diagnosis in writing. 

Do you need a lawyer for an L&I claim?

Yes, absolutely. While you can file an L&I claim on your own, hiring a lawyer for understanding workers’ compensation benefits and your rights is wise. A lawyer with experience can guide you through the process, ensure that you get a fair and just settlement. Your lawyer will ensure that all due paperwork is done accordingly. In case your claim is not denied, or you are not happy with the settlement, you have the right to protest, and your lawyer will help with that, as well. 

Just make sure that you hire an attorney who has experience of handling L&I claims, and more importantly, they should be available to discuss your case further.

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