Finding the Right Graphics Kit for a KTM Dirt Bike

Dirt bike riders are always looking for new mods and aftermarket add-ons, but finding the right graphics kit can be just as important. Serious riders looking for sponsors will find that looking clean, presentable, and serious can be beneficial, and even dirt bike owners who just want to hit the trails to ride for fun will find that graphics kits can help to protect their beloved bikes. Read on to find out how to choose the right ones.

Proper Fit for the Bike

Every dirt bike is a little different, not just in terms of mechanics but also when it comes to the sizes and shapes of exterior parts. As a result, a graphics kit for a KTM dirt bike will only fit that one brand. In most cases, riders must purchase graphics kits that are designed for particular models, as well. Getting a kit that’s not sized to the bike is a waste of money, so pay attention to the make and model.

Type of Kit

Just as all bikes are a little different, so are graphics kits. The most popular ones include the following.

Full Kits

Full kits are the most extensive sets of graphics available. They cover every part of a dirt bike, from the front fender to the fork tubes. Some kits even have graphics for the seat covers.

Radiator Shroud Kits

Radiator shroud kits only come with graphics for one or two parts of the bike. Obviously, all of them cover the radiator shrouds. However, some radiator shroud kits also come with air box decals.

Trim Kits

Trim kits are more extensive than radiator shroud kits, but they don’t cover every inch of the bike. These kits include decals for the front and rear fenders, swingarms, fork tubes, and sometimes the air box.

Background Types

Once riders find kits designed for their bikes and figure out which type to buy, it’s time to consider backgrounds. Universal backgrounds protect a bike’s plastic, and they’re still quite popular among vintage bike owners. There are a few color and style options to choose from, but riders will only get a blank background and will need to purchase numbers separately.

The alternative is to purchase a kit with a pre-printed background. These kits come with riders’ numbers printed on them and can be customized in a variety of ways to make bikes really stand out. Like all graphics kits, pre-printed backgrounds are model specific.

Quality of the Kit

It’s worth purchasing a kit designed and printed by a quality manufacturer. Unless riders plan on replacing their decals frequently, they should look for UV-protectant coatings. With UV-protectant coatings, most graphics kits will continue to look their best for years.

Kit quality isn’t just about the longevity of the decals, either. Some graphics companies take more care than others when it comes to perfecting the fit and getting all the details right. When in doubt, do some research and check out the manufacturer’s reputation before buying any decals.

Buy Online

The best way to find high-quality graphics kits for KTM dirt bikes is to shop online. That way, riders can research options and companies at their leisure. Buying graphics kits online also means having access to a far wider variety of options for just about any bike, so start shopping today.


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