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Fire Safety and Chemical Maintenance

If you work in an area where you need to clean and maintain small machinery parts, you likely deal with hazardous and potentially flammable materials. While these cleaning liquids are safe when handled properly, a spill or mistake can lead to disaster. That’s where it helps to know what sort of metal safety gas can to use for the job at hand. With the use of a metal safety can, you can keep hazardous chemicals in their place and keep your workplace operating efficiently.

Bench Cans

Small mechanical parts need to be cleaned in chemicals that are often highly flammable. Rather than keeping open containers around and risking spills, you can make use of bench cans to clean the parts quickly and keep the fluids properly contained. Bench cans are often made of stainless steel and have a broad, flat bottom that reduces the risk of them tipping. The cans come with secure covers that can be sealed when they are not in use. This allows you to use cleaning fluids, solvents, and other chemicals when they are needed and then seal the top to prevent a hazard when they are not. Bench cans are clearly labeled and often come in bright red to indicate that the chemicals within represent a fire hazard.

Safety Gas Cans

A safety gas can is a metal receptacle that is ideal for storing gasoline and other flammable liquids. These cans come in two varieties: type I, which has a single hole for filling and dispensing the fluid, and type II, which has a separate hole for filling and another one for dispensing. These cans usually come with a flexible hose that you can use for more accurate pouring; the ability to fit the hose directly into the gas tank allows for greater accuracy and reduces the risk of a spill. In areas where fire may be a hazard, it helps to have a safety gas can which can shield the liquid inside from catching flame and making an emergency worse than it already is.

Storage Cabinets

In addition to using the proper cans to do the job, you should also make sure that your flammable chemicals are locked away in a secure storage cabinet when they are not in use. In terms of convenience, this allows you peace of mind as you know where exactly your chemicals are at all times. In terms of fire safety, the storage cabinet provides one extra layer of defense. In addition to the protection offered by the insulated cans, the storage cabinet likely has its own fire protection design. That means that, should a fire break out, the heat has to penetrate both the storage cabinet and the safety can in order to ignite the fluids inside.

Hazardous chemicals can easily ignite, especially in areas where machinery and machine maintenance are present. Using the right container to store different chemicals can prevent a major spill or fire. This includes the use of bench cans, safety gas cans, and storage cabinets.


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