Five Ways Music Enhances Advertising Commercials.

Music has always been a critical element in commercials, from classic black-and-white TV ads of the 1950s to modern HD ads. Commercials rely on it to gain recognition and sell products.

Although big brands may be known for their services and products, the experiences they provide are what create loyal customers and brand advocates.

What more excellent way will there be to improve a brand experience by incorporating music?

What makes music such a crucial part of commercial success? (No pun intended)

Music can profoundly impact a person’s thinking by combining instinct with science.

Take a moment to consider this. The first song that you hear on the radio triggers memories from childhood. It could be your first kiss or a fantastic party. Science has proven that music is linked with memory and can bring you back to a specific moment.

Music offers advertisers many advantages, including memory. Music can dramatically alter the experience of an advertisement. It can create moving messages or send out calls to Action what is a commercial advertising? In a variety of ways, the music complements advertising.

Music can enhance your commercials in 5 ways.

1. The Emotional Effects of Music

Music can elicit many emotions, so commercials often use it.

The music used in commercials advertising, whether an upbeat, happy guitar or a piano arpeggio with a sad tone, can help set the mood for what is being said. It is also vital to align with the brand’s values.

In 2023, the Guinness beer company released #MadeofBlack as a new commercial for its “Guinness Black.”

This ad, which promoted beer in Africa only, was released exclusively. Guinness could have used any overused, cliched ad to sell beer, but they chose instead to deliver a piece of vital information with the help of a Kanye West hit song.

The company wanted to demonstrate that the “Guinness Black’ had attitude and edge. It was also built for “so many more,” as they called it.

2. The Storyteller

The success of a commercial is often determined by its ability to convey a narrative.

Storytelling is a way to connect with the audience. Music is a critical element of storytelling. Remember the last TV or movie you watched.

Music can be used to tell the audience that a particular moment in the plot is significant, either dramatically or subtly.

Gatorade released a new commercial around the time Derek Jeter, a baseball player, announced his retirement. Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” was the soundtrack used in this commercial. It was a perfect fit for the storyline.

Derek Jeter, a decorated and seasoned player, would like to finish his career on his terms. Hence the choice of song. The music is a classic New York spirit, and it even matches the energy of the commercial, concluding with Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” grand finale.

3. Sparks Action

The music has been an inspiration for centuries.

Listen to any national song and see how powerfully it inspires the people to fight for their nation. Music has a powerful ability to inspire and evoke emotions. Music can inspire you to act by motivating you or making a statement.

Music is used to propel the message of commercials promoting, supporting, or taking a position on a topic. The brand’s intention and inspiring music can move people to Action and unintentionally start to discuss the brand.

Always’ ‘s “Always Like A Girl” commercial is one of the most discussed commercials.

This commercial was intended to break stereotypes about women by saying that acting “like girls” can affect a woman’s sense of self-worth. Always instead reframed the insulting saying to show that being oneself is not bad.

It was a powerful message, but it became even more so when the music behind the video kicked in. This led people to take a stand by using #LikeAGirl.

Music is initially subtle but becomes more powerful as the commercial progresses. It transforms from a symphony to a melody, an inspiring tune that fills in any gaps left by the people talking.

4. Re-enforce the Sale

Music is a powerful tool to push a brand, whether generating Action or telling a compelling story.

Brands choose an audience to align with.

The music used in commercials must also be consistent with the message. You’ll hear electronic, gritty music used in advertisements aimed at a younger demographic and traditional music that is more pleasant for older audiences.

Music can reinforce the brand and increase sales. Music sets the mood for an audience and helps sell the desired experience.

Commercials wouldn’t be as effective without music. There are always exceptions, but this blog is solely about music.

Music can also be a great way to get people’s attention. A catchy tune will make you remember the company, regardless of whether or not you want to.

Take State Farm’s “Magic Jingle” commercials. The actors are made to sing the State Farm jingle, and then an agent appears magically. The same song plays at the end but is a futuristic, fun 8-bit sound clip. This commercial is aimed at younger adults, as insurance has become a necessity in their daily lives.

State Farm can now reach out and cater to the needs of its young adult customers.

What does it do exactly? Make an incredibly memorable jingle.

You’ll automatically remember State Farm, the quirky but helpful brand of State Farm, when you hear the song, or it is played in your everyday routine.

5. Branded Meshs

In the end, brands want to be consistent and have a uniform image to sell their products to a broad audience. All aspects of the brand’s vision must be precise. This includes their music.

The music a brand uses in its commercials can reinforce a sale or create emotion.

The music chosen by the brand must be synonymous with its image; it should represent and symbolize that brand. The theme chosen by the brand must be a part of its target audience’s culture. Music and brand are not mutually exclusive.

Take Audi’s advertisement for the RS 3 hatchback from 2014. Audi has a reputation as a luxury car company. It is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology in its new designs.

Audi’s commercial for this vehicle is a technologically advanced yet sophisticated one. It features a good orchestra and classical music to create a futuristic, epic feel.

The conclusion of the article is:

Music is the best way to make a brand memorable.

Next time you watch TV or Hulu at home, watch the movie and pay attention to commercials. See how you react as the music starts.

Music is a powerful tool that brands use to try and win your heart.

Our Chatter Buzz Strategists are available to help you determine what music should be played on your commercial or help you create a unique song. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in the entertainment and music industry.


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