Grenada Citizenship: What You Need to Know

Grenada offers a unique economic citizenship program. It enables wealthy individuals and their families to become citizens of Grenada and enjoy visa-free travel to 146 countries around the world. The program provides two main options through either donation or real estate investment. Both of these options have associated government application fees and due diligence costs.

Visa-Free Travel to The United States

Grenada offers an incredibly powerful second passport for qualified individuals and families that wish to live a global lifestyle. With visa-free travel to 146 countries worldwide and an E-2 treaty with the United States, Grenadian citizenship makes relocating overseas much more straightforward. The program is one of the fastest and most efficient CIPs in the Caribbean, with an approval process usually taking less than three months. The government sets high standards for applicants, and complete or accurate applications will not be approved. It is, therefore, essential to work with a licensed and experienced immigration attorney to ensure that your application is fully prepared and submitted promptly. The two choices available through the Grenada citizenship by investment program are the National Transformation Fund or an investment in pre-approved real estate. A donation to the NTF directly impacts the country’s economy with projects that support tourism, agriculture, and alternative energy. The real estate option allows the investor to recover their initial investment within three years of purchase and, unlike some others.

Access to the Commonwealth of Nations

Grenada citizenship offers exceptional opportunities for international business development, optimization of the tax burden, visa-free travel, and a haven for the whole family. For example, citizens of Grenada are exempt from paying taxes on personal income earned outside the country, on inheritance and gifts, and property located abroad. Furthermore, the government of Grenada provides generous tax incentives, including total exemption from import duties and export allowance. Additionally, the country allows citizens to open accounts in EU banks and obtain an E-2 visa to work in the United States.

Since it relaunched its citizenship program in 2013, Grenada has become a popular choice among high-net-worth individuals seeking alternative residence and travel options. The program’s main benefits include visa-free access to 146 countries and territories, eligibility for the US E-2 visa treaty, no minimum stay requirements, and lower processing and due diligence fees than many competitors. The program is available to individuals of impeccable character with a clean criminal record. A minimum age of 18 is required for applicants. The minimum investment required for a single applicant is $200,000 or $350,000 for a family of four. This investment is made by contributing to the nation’s National Transformation Fund or purchasing government-approved real estate. Depending on the option chosen, some of the capital invested can be recovered three years later.

Tax Incentives For Entrepreneurs

Grenada’s economy is rapidly growing, and the island has prioritized attracting international entrepreneurs. The CBI program, launched in 2013, offers several tax benefits to investors, including visa-free travel and the opportunity to set up business entities in Grenada. The nation is also desirable for firms wishing to expand globally due to its low tax environment, absence of property taxes, and ability to register enterprises with the government without disclosing personal information. Regardless of residency status, entrepreneurs who gain Grenada citizenship can claim immediate and total tax exemption for their families. It can save them millions of dollars in taxes over time and allows them to optimize their global tax burden better. Additionally, the country does not impose withholding tax on dividends, interest, and royalty income earned from abroad.

Another great advantage of acquiring Grenada citizenship is that it can provide instant access to various visa-free countries, including the United States and China. It is a huge benefit for families who plan to relocate abroad and may have children attending university in those countries. Additionally, Grenada has a treaty with the United Kingdom, and children of citizens can receive preferential access to top UK schools and universities. It is a crucial reason why many people acquire economic citizenship in Grenada.

No Residency Requirements

Grenada offers no residency requirements for its citizens, which makes it a desirable option for people looking to relocate to the Caribbean. It also makes it easier for families to relocate together because there are no different residency requirements for each family member. As a result, many Grenada Economic Citizenship Program participants move to the country permanently. Two clear-cut options for acquiring citizenship through investment in Grenada are contributing to the National Transformation Fund or purchasing government-approved real estate. The investment requirements for both options are very reasonable compared to other countries that offer economic citizenship programs. The minimum investment for a single applicant is $150,000 or $200,000 for a family of four.

Moreover, the investment fee for real estate is much lower than in other countries. The perks of Grenada citizenship are considerable, from visa-free travel to tax benefits for entrepreneurs developing business projects. Additionally, as a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, Grenada is part of an extensive global network of nations with whom the country has strong diplomatic relations. Consequently, its citizens can easily live and work in any Commonwealth nation. Amid political turmoil in many parts of the world, it is more important than ever to have access to a second passport and to be able to relocate abroad quickly.


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