Have a financial goal? Achieve it by investing in Fixed Deposits

As an aspiring individual, you would have several goals in mind. You would want to give your family a better life. You want topursue higher education or establish a small business. You have several goals on your checklist that you want to tick off soon. Making suitable investments isan excellent way to work towards them. Today, new investment options are introduced every other day.

However, the old-school FDremains the most preferred option among all investors. It is a simple investment that lets you earn reasonable interest. Note, Fixed Deposit interest rates vary from one bank to another. You should explore the market to find the highest interest rate. The following are the reasons why FDs are suitable for goal-oriented investment:

  • Flexible tenure

You need to carefully consider some aspects before determining your investment tenure. You should opt for a term long enough to earn you desired returns. Fixed Deposits have a flexible tenure. You can invest for a tenure ranging from seven days to five years. So, whether you want to achieve a short-, mid-, or long-term goal, you can achieve it through FDs.

  • Assured returns

You do not want to take risks when working towards a goal single-mindedly. FDs are a perfect investment option here and are a fixed-income instrument. You earn highest interest rate on FD. It is not linked to market standing, and hence, you need not worry about risking your principal sum and earningdecent returns. You can maximise your interest earnings by opting for the Cumulative FD.

Your periodic interest earnings get added to your principal sum. You can witness the power of compounding first-hand and reap better returns.

  • Dedicated deposits for every goal

Suppose you have two primary financial goals: car purchase and retirement corpus. Since both are different goals, you shouldhave two separate FDs for them. You can have a fairly valued deposit for two years for a car purchase. While building the retirement corpus, you should opt for a significant tenure. This lets you work towards every financial goal systematically.

AnFD calculator is a fantastic online tool that helps you plan your investments. It provides accurate projections of your investments.

  • Loan facility

Life does not always go as planned. You could find yourself in several challenges. It could be a loved one requiring urgent medical attention or home renovation plans. You need sufficient finances to tackle them. You can apply for a Loan against theTerm Deposit. You can avail of up to 90% of your deposit value. This way, you get the necessary financing without compromising on your financial goals.


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