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History of RoboCash

We live in a world of uncertainty, and no one knows what will happen the next day. The emergency of COVID-19 has proven this. When it began, no one took it seriously as it seemed to be a common flu, however things have changed. It is no longer common flu but a world pandemic. Many have even fallen, and economies are struggling to remain afloat.

People find it hard to provide basic needs since their salaries have been cut or unemployed. Some are now surviving on their savings while others are seeking various forms of investment. This is why you need to invest or request for a loan from 

The firm offers you a chance to invest and gain a 14% interest p.a. On the other hand, if you’re seeking short-term loans, the company offers it at 11.9% interest monthly. This marks a good investment to take up, who knows when the second wave will come. How financially prepared are you?

We will tell you about a large online lending company in the Philippines. This is Robocash company, which is part of a large financial holding group.

A few words about RoboCash

Robocash is a Philippine company that provides quick loans to citizens of the Philippines. Here you can borrow up to 25,000 pesos from the comfort of your home, using your laptop or smartphone and the Internet. The company uses advanced robotic technology to check the client’s profile and transfer funds.

The firm is a member of the RoboCash Group, which has been operating since 2013. This proves its legitimacy and it also holds The Certificate of Authority from SEC No CS201730459 in the Philippines.

The other companies that are part of the holding are engaged in two areas – they issue loans in different countries and accept investments in Europe. The investment platform belonging to the RoboCash Group, is open to investors from eight European Union countries and Switzerland.

An amazing thing about the platform allows the investor to place a deposit of up to 10 euros. This rule was established to increase the number of investors instead of concentrating on a few heavyweight pocket investors. In addition, the policy also controls the supply and demand of money on the platform. This, in turn, keeps interest rates under control.

When it comes to borrowers, the firm offers short-term and installment loans at 11.9 % interest. The loans have a tenure of 30 days for short-term loans.

The funds are even provided online and offline, making it accessible. Statistics shows the RoboCash group has made more than 10 million customers. That is not all. The firm has also offered over 8 million loans. This makes it the best online platform for an investor or borrower.

 History of RoboCash

RoboCash Group was developed way back in 2013 and had been running since. The firm originated from Russia, where it was the first automated lending service known as The firm provided short term loans to the citizens and in 2014, it issued the first online loan. Later in 2015, the firm attracted more clients both online and offline growing its market share.

In 2016, the automatic loan service entered the Spanish market with a fully automated service. It was known as, and they provided short-term loans online. This was a bold move since they only operated in the online market and in February 2017, the firm gave birth to RoboCash in Europe that started accepting investments.

The RoboCash owner, Sergey Sedov, is a renowned entrepreneur and has made it possible for the firm to grow. The peer to peer (P2P) lending platform provides individuals with a chance to invest in consumer loans. Though, this seem as a risky business the investors are protected by the 100% buyback policy protects. The measures covers investors in case the borrower fails to repay the loan. This means you‘ll still get back your principal amount.

The firms merged to form the RoboCash Group, which has grown over the years and made a name for itself globally. The Group was one of the 62 firms invited to showcase its business model in the Fintech Selection Session.

According to research the Group has given out over 4.3 million private loans in seven markets during its conception. Studies have further shown more than 5 million individuals have used their services. This marks the 124% increase that occurred back in 2018. The experts’ estimations, the firm was expected to give out $1 billion in 2020.  However, with the emergency of the corona, the figures are expected to be lower.

 In which countries does RoboCash work?

RoboCash has grown and become a global financial institution. The firm operates in countries such as

 Such a wide coverage of countries shows that this company is doing well, and an experienced businessman is at the helm.

Achievements of RoboCash

Robocash has made various achievements since its establishment. Some of them include

RoboCash in the Philippines 

The Philippines is one of the states that have benefited from the Group. RoboCash head office in the Philippines is found in Quezon City. The online lender offers payday loans at an affordable interest rate. You can borrow as low as PHP 10,000 and a maximum of PHP 25,000.

 For one to access funds, you need to do is create an account on RoboCash. Once the account is set, your request is approved within minutes after your loan application philippines is approved. The cash is then sent to your account within 24 hours. Though, to some, it will take 1 to 3 days to receive the cash.

The loan tenure takes 7-30 days, according to your agreement with the firm. For the Filipinos, you can access another loan if you haven’t reached your limit. However, the second loan is approved if you don’t have outstanding credits.

Advantages of RoboCash in the Philippines


The ability to get credit online 24 hours a day is an innovation that has won the trust of Filipinos. Now you don’t have to plan your expenses depending on the likelihood and duration of credit approval. If you find yourself in a bad situation: your car broke down, you needed an urgent operation, an urgent trip – register for Robocash and borrow as much as you need! And rest assured that this is a reliable world-renowned company, which exists in different countries and provides financial assistance to millions of people.

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