How can I prepare for the CAT Exam on my Own?

If you wish to prepare for the CAT independently, you must be extremely dedicated and consistent. In addition, you should be completely knowledgeable about the CAT and other admission exams. Most students begin their preparations with zeal, but they lack consistency, and as a result, they abandon their studies in the middle. CAT exam will be conducted on 28th November 2021.

A high CAT score is an advantage, and it boosts your chances of becoming a member of one of the greatest management institutions, but how you do this is equally significant. Most students prefer to join coaching institutions; however, this can be carried out at their own pace and location. So, yes, you are correct; we are chatting at home about CAT preparation tips.

So, if you do these steps, you will undoubtedly be able to prepare effectively for the exam. First, it would be best if you determined your strengths and weaknesses. The easiest method to do this is to take a practice CAT right away. Slog for a few hours and then slog some more to target your weak, moderate, and strong areas after you have your results. If you cannot recognize it on your own, you should seek the assistance of an experienced mentor who can guide you through each stage. 

How to prepare for the CAT exam?

The CAT syllabus is simple. The maths syllabus is like what is found in 6th through 10th grade, while the English syllabus includes fundamental reading comprehension and sentence structures. The exam is difficult since the questions are application-oriented, and approximately 2 lakh applicants are competing for 8000-10000 decent seats. 

Many candidates have this question of how to prepare for the CAT exam at home? Below mentioned are some methods for effective study on your own:

Joining the Study Groups

You need to create a small group where everyone may put up their suggestions to resolve various issues in different ways. Teach your friends about the topics and ask them to do them the same, so that everyone in the group can study effectively. Clear the doubt of each other. Try to find out jointly who completes the document. The same question sheets. It helps you enhance your question-solving efficiency.

Attending online mock tests

If you are ready, you need online examinations, available on numerous sites, to test your knowledge. It would help if you did so. These tests indicate how much you must study and which subject you need to learn more about. Give two or more mock online tests within a week. Notice and strive to avoid your faults in the next fake test.

You can surf over the internet for various study materials

Visit instructional websites, surf the internet, read their study materials, and read the news so that you can increase your awareness. Download on the internet free mocking documents since nothing is less expensive than free. Use your PC, laptop or register for CAT papers. Learn and resolve well by reading on display. 

Don’t emphasize too much utilizing the classic paper and pencil method. Concentrate on the CAT end objective; be not sidetracked by temporary obstacles. Even if you can’t achieve a good result in some mocks, you should not be discouraged and prepare even more rigorously, too. Give your weaknesses a decent percentile to clear the sectional cut-off.

Get access to study materials (hard & soft copy)

In both local and online retailers, there are many study resources available. The study material you’ll need for your studies should be ready with you for studying on your own. The good study material, question banks and solved-unsolved questions papers are everything you need for the preparation. 

Enjoy it, avoid over preparations: the proportion of a person can be limited, and each person has their threshold. As soon as the CAT begins to be a haul, take a chance. Unless you like it, you can’t do better on your CAT. No harm at all until 3 or 4 days before you feel like addressing the CAT issues again. It is a problem to deal with, not as usual work.

Above discussed are these are the tips on how to prepare for the CAT exam without coaching.

Important Tips and Tricks to remember while preparing

  • Keep things shifting – the beginning section, the goal number of questions, the time you spend on each segment, etc. Only then can you eventually develop your optimal CAT-resolving method, which strikes the right mix between speed and precision, guaranteeing that all the interruptions are clear and that your desired IIM seat is well underway.
  • Many funny tests will assist in combating fatigue throughout the actual examination. Mocks will also prepare you for various levels of difficulty, which will teach you how to adjust your test-taking strategy based on the paper’s difficulty level. Reading the newspaper helps your vocabulary while also keeping your general awareness up to date.
  • GK is a requirement for several MBA admission exams. Furthermore, most GD themes are tied to current events in some way. Review all concepts and formulations often to keep them fresh till the day of the examination.
  • Check them for different types of questions concerning their applicability. In a split second, you will have to pick which theorem will apply to a certain question. Only the later stage of CAT preparation will increase the frequency of the CAT mock trials.

Revision Is Important

Sample questions and online mock exams are one crucial component of the preparation of the CAT examination. The candidates must be sure that during their preparation, they perform roughly 35-40 mock tests. Although full-scale practice tests are ideal in October, experts propose that applicants topically resolve issues while looking at them to improve their understanding. 

Following the solution of every mock test or sample paper, analyses your performance and evaluate the improvement field. Do not solve several example papers in one day. After a rigorous session, your mind needs relaxation. If the outcome is not encouragement immediately, do not be discouraged and continue to examine the deficiencies. 

Only by clearing practice tests can you win on the CAT 2021 entrance test. It would help if you increased the speed and precision in solving the three-hour lengthy question paper behind the practice of CAT mock examinations. In addition, increase your durability to sit through the three-hour examination without being weary emotionally or physically.


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