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How Did The Millionaire Fahad Al Tamimi Gain Fame In His Business?

It is the year 2020, everything and every business we see has been prospering online and with great demand. After all, what we want, is to live in ease. Shopping online from clothes and accessories to groceries and medicines has made everyone’s life easier. We like it all to be one touch away. However, this is also a good way of marketing your business ideas to catch more fame. Profitable for sellers and easy to shop for buyers. Let us take a ride into the world of e-commerce and online marketing.

Everyone has started loving the idea of online business and marketing, but what is it even? Electronic is about sharing knowledge and information through the internet. And internet marketing is all about advertising these ideas and products in such a way that they become the eye candy for all. Some great names like Fahad al Tamimi the great infrastructure, mining, and energy project dealer in Saudi Arab, josh cartu the Ferrari racer and Jack Ma the inventor or Alibaba from china are idols for those in search of motivation.

Fahad Al Tamimi holds one of the leading business companies and is well known for his work and business dealing techniques. Whereas, josh cartu the racer is also known as the multi-millionaire entrepreneur. All these people gained fame and success with the help of great strategies and hard work. Your business needs the spice and planning according to the time and era. Therefore, let us learn the different types of e-business & marketing :

  1. Social Media: Almost all brands and publishers use social media as a weapon to creating content on social media to attract the new generation. Keeping up with the trends. Also using praising product reviews as a way to attract the audience is one good technique of social media marketing.
  2. Content Marketing:

Now, this is something that has a lot to do with SEO. bringing your product up on the search engine should be your prime need. And for this, you require blog posts and videos answering questions related to your products or business ideas.

  • E-Mail Marketing:

yeah, we know you are well aware of this method. This seems to be one of the eldest forms of marketing but yet it is the most effective way to catch the attention of users and buyers. And also, the good part about this method is that it can be automated.


The holistic strategies to some good e-commerce and online marketing are all about smart ideas and tactics. And these good strategies can help you attract more traffic and promote your online store.

  1. Stand out of the box:

Try introducing the customers with things other brands don’t have. like, supersizing regular products or selling more finest products than the other retailers.

  • Use social media:

Instagram is of the fastest-growing apps, and this means it has more users than any other social media. Create an Instagram page for your product and create attracting content to catch attention.

  • Reminders:

In the section of email marketing, Wishlist emails are a good idea to be kept. It helps remind the shoppers to come back and shop what they missed out. Convincing them to visit the store and finish the purchasing job they left behind.

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