How does Notary Public Translation Singapore help in translating divorce papers?

Do you understand what to do if you are asked to notarize a translated document? Do you have a certified translation that you’ve finished but are unsure if it has to be notarized? You’ve come to the right place. 

Now, you must be thinking about what Notary Public Translation Singapore is and how it might be useful to you. It is a legal document that a notary public or other legal professional has attested to as having been both translated and notarized. A foreign document that is not in the English language and does not have an authenticating mark or seal is not accepted as legal evidence in a courtroom.

For marriage and divorce proceedings, notarization services are required in Singapore. This is so that a notary public can formally authenticate or verify the submission-required documents. 

Your ability to be married or divorced in Singapore may be delayed or even impossible if the relevant authorities reject your paperwork without this proof. Let’s examine what you should know about Singapore’s notarial services for marriage and divorce proceedings.

This article will explain the notarization process for translating divorce papers and answer some frequently asked questions. But first, let’s look at the basics of notarization.

What does Notary Public Mean?

A Notary Public is a designated official of the Singaporean government who has the power to certify papers as exact replicas of the originals. A Notary Public must meet several requirements before being appointed, including being over 21 and having practiced law for at least five years. Also, the Singapore Academy of Law must register their signature (SAL).

What Does a Notary Public Do?

Verifying certain papers for usage inside or outside of Singapore entails notarization. Depending on the kind of document being verified and its goal, this procedure may change. In general, it entails checking the signatory’s identification, making sure they comprehend the document’s contents, and finally authenticating it with their signature and seal. It is crucial to remember that notarization just verifies a document’s validity and does not ensure that it is a Genuine Legal Document.

Where to find Divorce Papers Translation in Singapore to Get Notary Services?

Wordsburg Translation is one of many companies in Singapore that provide notarial services for matrimonial and divorce cases. These businesses often employ qualified professionals who can provide you with advice on your unique circumstances and assist you in swiftly and effectively completing all required documentation. Additionally, if necessary, they also offer certified translations.

Which Document Types Are Acceptable for Notary Translation?

There are several formats besides merely paper for notary translation services. It is also available in the form of videos, screenshots from emails and texts, bill receipts, and still images. Each of the aforementioned documents must be translated using cutting-edge transcribing technology because they are all meant to be used in court.

How important is notarial attestation?

Notarization is important since it helps to spot and prevent document fraud. Hence, notarization helps to protect people’s property and civil liberties.

As a result, many documents are invalid without being notarized. So, before presenting your documents, you should be careful to find a Notary Public who has been duly commissioned and ask about the particular requirements.


At last, on the off chance that you intend to get hitched or separate from in Singapore, you should employ a notary from a reputable Professional Translation Service to approve your desk work accurately. 

Notarization is a fundamental stage simultaneously assuming that you maintain that your reports should be acknowledged by legitimate specialists when you record them in Singapore for the marriage or divorce procedure. Assuming you select Wordsburg Translation Services or another business offering similar types of assistance, ensure they have experience giving notarial services about marriage separations to ensure that your desk work is dealt with expertly at each stage.


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