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How Limb Prosthetics Help Patients Live Their Daily Lives

For non-disabled individuals, the thought of going through life without a functioning limb may seem out of the ordinary and extremely difficult. Many of us go through life’s obstacles without giving a second thought as to how handicapped individuals might deal with the same situation, given their limitations.


Luckily for us, prosthetics give patients living with a handicap the same potential and opportunities that non-disabled individuals have at their disposal. Whether it’s walking down the street or performing mundane tasks around the home, disabled patients are beginning to lead a life on their terms.


If you have ever wondered how prosthetics positively influence the lives of millions around the globe, here are the facts.


More Common Than You Think


Did you know that nearly 22.5-million individuals around the globe rely on prosthetic devices daily to complete their tasks, chores and job requirements? While these numbers are impressive, implementation in rudimentary parts of the world is still an ongoing process.


With numbers as large as this, it may be hard to understand the entire spectrum of prosthetic tools and implementations that patients rely on daily. While this is by no means a comprehensive list of devices, it begins to paint a picture:


  • Prosthetic arms with neural interface
  • Legs for adequate mobility
  • Finger and partial hand prosthetics for grabbing
  • Knees for full range of motion
  • Shoulders for arm usage and upper torso mobility


As you can see, limb prosthetics encompass a variety of areas and regions on the patient’s body. Through modern medical implementations and technologies, individuals that require prosthetics can live full and normal lives.


Improving Quality of Life


Whether an individual has lost a limb due to disease, accident or amputation, prosthetics allow them to lead productive and meaningful routines that lead to a joyous lifestyle.


Without prosthetic technology, mundane and every-day tasks would cause trouble within a patient’s life. Simple errands like taking their trash out, going for a walk or moving through their home would be an impossibility.


Moreover, some individuals soar to new heights once their prosthetics are attached. In one such case, Angel Giuffria, a talented actress, used her voice and platform as a means of sharing her story about having a prosthetic hand.


Rather than shying away from the camera and limelight, Giuffria uses it as a means of communicating her life story. “I like having this part of me, every day, that allows me to do, and be, the person I want to be,” exclaims Angel. She also goes on to explain how living with a prosthetic allows her to share her message and relate to acting roles with greater accuracy.


Similarly, Keith Vonderhuevel lost his hand in a work-related accident and was seeking a way to experience ‘touch’ once again. While this may seem like an impossible request to fulfill, medical technology gave Vonderhuevel his wish: Through the power of prosthetics, Keith has now regained normality in his life and experiences sensations that many of us take for granted.


As you can see by these success stories, disabilities no longer have to wreak havoc on a patient’s lifestyle. Technological advancements within the field of prosthetics give hope and inspiration for future generations, should they require assistance.


Should You Consider a Limb Prosthetic?


If you are someone that is considering a limb prosthetic, or you know an individual going through the process, don’t give up hope for the future. While receiving a prosthetic limb may seem like a daunting and challenging task to withstand, it opens up a whole new world of adventure and possibility.


Imagine a world where, instead of hiding away from your medical issue, you wear it as a badge of honor. Use your journey as a testament to how powerful and positively influential prosthetics can be for the general population.


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