How Link-Building Helps Your Website to Become More Prominent

If you have a business website, you want to increase its prominence. You should do that any way you can. You might do so by talking about your site via the social media channels you’re using. You can also add site elements like professional-quality photos and videos, or you might do keyword research and add more keywords and phrases.

You should also work on your link-building strategies since link-building helps your site from an SEO standpoint. You can contact trusted link-building services and hire them to do the work for you if you don’t know how or don’t have the time. It’s worth the money you’ll spend since you’ll get more site visitors and hopefully more conversions as well.

Let’s talk about how link-building helps your website a little bit more.

What is Link-Building?

Link-building means you’re adding links to other websites besides your own. You are adding hyperlinks in places that make sense, and when someone clicks on one of those hyperlinks, that will take them to your website.

You must find other sites where you can add links that make sense. If the anchor text to which you add the link doesn’t have anything to do with your site, then Google will not reward you for your efforts.

If the link you create does have to do with your site, though, then Google will recognize that and boost your site up the SERPs, or search engine ranking positions. Link-building can help your site because it’s one of the SEO tactics that Google web crawlers endorse.

Though Google does not reveal its algorithm’s details, you can tell that link-building helps your site’s prominence. That’s why it remains vital, and you should set up a network of links if you have not done so yet.

How Else Can You Help Your Website with Your Links?

If you have links on other websites that lead to yours, or if you have links on your own site that lead to other sites, SEO agencies call those outbound links. Outbound means when you click on that link, you go from one site to another.

It might seem counterintuitive to send someone away from your site and to someone else’s site. However, that is one of the things that Google crawlers look for when they review your website’s content. You can also have what SEO companies call inbound links, though.

You can make inbound links part of your link-building strategy as well. Inbound links go from one page on your site to another.

You can set up many of those. In fact, you should have more inbound and outbound links if you have a larger and more complex website.

How Many Links Should You Have?

There’s no set number of links you should have on your website or on other sites that connect to yours. However, as your site grows, you should have more links. It stands to reason that a relatively simple site that doesn’t have all that many pages will not have that many links.

If you start a company that has an eCommerce business model, then it might have a landing page and just a few product pages, in addition to a page that’s a contact form, one that’s an “about us” section, and so forth. You won’t need a ton of links on those pages, either inbound or outbound. Just a few strategic ones should do it.

As your site starts growing, though, you should add more links. You will want a complex inbound link structure and an outbound one as well.

You might want to have at least one link on each page. You don’t want so many that the website looks cluttered or spammy. You can look at competing sites and how they’ve set up their links if you need inspiration.

Should You Set Up Your Links Yourself?

If you learn about some link-building techniques, you might create those links yourself. However, if you own or operate the company, you might not have the time or the inclination.

That’s when you’ll likely hire a full-time employee who can handle your link-building. You can also contact an SEO agency and have them do it.

The best agencies can create links for you, and they can also handle other SEO chores. They can continually modify your website as your business grows.

Your SEO journey will continue as long as your site exists, and your links form part of that ongoing strategy.


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