How To Boost Your Craft-Based Business

If you own a business that sells crafts and/or craft supplies, then you may be wondering how to give it a little boost. There are many different ways you can do this, so read on to learn about a few of them.

Offer Something New

First, spice up your business a bit by offering something new. This might take the form of new products. If you’re making crafts to sell, switch out your colors or styles to give your customers more variety. You might also try a few new patterns and see how they sell. Striking out in a new direction will also give you a chance to stretch your talents and learn different techniques.

If you sell craft supplies, you might offer some new kits for customers to try or expand your product lines to include up-and-coming crafts that are trendy just now. Also, consider offering some classes. Bring in instructors who are experts at their crafts, and start with a few beginner-level lessons. Students can purchase basic kits through you and complete their first projects. If the program works, offer more advanced lessons, and make sure you have all the necessary supplies on hand.

Use More Technology

You can boost your business through technology, too. There are many software programs these days that can help you manage your inventory, track customers and monitor your finances. Perhaps you own a quilt shop. Then don’t hesitate to take advantage of convenient quilt shop software that allows you to engage with your customers more easily and more effectively. If you aren’t currently doing so, think about offering your products for sale online. This can open up a whole new field of customers and increase your profits. Just be sure that your website and sales platform are fully secure so that customers feel safe shopping with you.

Market More Effectively

Give your business a little push in the right direction by updating your marketing. You might start an email newsletter, for instance, so that your business appears right in your customers’ inboxes each month. You can start small with an article about the history of your business and a special coupon and then build your newsletter over time to include crafting tips, further promotions and product features. Your customers will appreciate the news, and they might even make some purchases.

Keep Quality High

To make a good impression on your customers, keep the quality of your products high. Those items you make yourself should be top-notch so that they stand out from the crowd. The supplies and tools you sell should also be of the best quality. Inspect every product yourself to make sure it’s a good fit for your business and that it looks good and does what it’s supposed to do. If you discover products that are shoddy, discontinue selling them.

Be Careful About Pricing

Also, be careful about your pricing. While you need to make a profit (you’re in business after all), you should keep your prices competitive with other sellers. If you make crafts, calculate costs according to the supplies you’ve used and a percentage gain. Don’t expect to be reimbursed for your time. If you sell supplies and tools, research going rates, and price accordingly, even going a little lower if you can. If your prices are reasonable, customers may be more likely to buy. They’ll feel like you’re giving them a good deal.

Appreciate Your Customers

Finally, give your business a boost by appreciating your customers. Handle all complaints and problems promptly and respectfully, and answer questions as quickly as possible. Come up with some promotions like sales and coupons that you can offer to loyal customers. You might even start a customer loyalty program that allows customers to earn points through purchases and redeem them for prizes or discounts. Don’t forget to ask for referrals, too, and provide coupons that your customers can pass along to friends and relatives.

If your craft-based business needs a boost, then try some of these tips. You might see your sales increasing significantly.


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