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How to brew loose leaf tea

Brewing tea can be simple. Also, a complicated task if you cannot taste the perfect taste of tea. The longer a tea is brewed the much stronger tea it will become. Which is essential for some teas and unbearable simultaneously. The most important aspect here is temperature. Which always varies as per the type of tea you are brewing. You need to find the right temperature for brewing your tea. The ideal temperature ranges from 160degree F to 180degree F. It can increase depending upon the type of tea as well. For example, it can increase up to 200 degrees for black tea.

Now you might wonder how to make a loose leaf tea? They are simply made through proper brewing methods. The teas have essential elements so you should let it undergo the proper brewing methods. You do not want to lose the taste and the healthy elements right?

Never use boiling water. Always preheat the kettle or the utensil you are using to prepare the tea. Then inject your tea leaves and leave it for a while to settle down.

You may look forward towards the below brewing methods:

Now let’s have a look at how to brew loose Green leaf tea. Though loose leaf teas have similar patterns for brewing there can be slight changes in the methodology of making a particular tea. For how to make loose green leaf tea, you need to know several essentials for that.

  1. Always preheat the kettle
  2. Put your green loose leaf leaves in the hot water.
  3. Infusers are optional.
  4. Let it settle in the preheat water with the temperature ranging from 158degrees to 176 degrees.
  5. Now, wait for 2 to 3 minutes.
  6. Also, use the ceramics or glass for brewing.
  7. Now serve it while it is hot, to enjoy the best taste.

How to brew loose leaf tea without an infuser

Some of you might not want to use the infusers at all for the tea. Also, there might be some situations where you do not have the infusers or not the time to wait for the infusers to settle the loose leaves. For situations like these, we got you covered up. With this ancient traditional method of brewing tea. Coming from China this technique has been there for centuries. Earlier there were no filters, infusers, or strainers for the teas. So they had their style of drinking and making the best tea.

A very simple technique which is used for green tea as well, the method is also essential because loose leaf tea has great nourishing qualities. It not only tastes good, puts the body to rest, energises it, but also it is calming to smell the aroma while drinking; the best part of this processing. Let us see how to make the loose leaf tea without strainers.

Now that you have gone through some serious measures for how to brew the loose leaf tea or if we put it like how to make the brew loose leaf tea. You do not want this end here.

Even we cannot because not everybody sips hot tea!

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How to cold brew loose leaf tea

How to make cold loose leaf tea is quite simple, you do not have to wait much for this the moment you want to have your tea. But you need to do the homework for that okay? All you need to do is prepare your usual tea with cold or lukewarm water. It will be better if you use the warm or hot water first to settle the tea and then put it in the airtight container for 3 to 5 hours. It should settle down in this duration if you processed it with hot water earlier. Else you will have to give at least 10 to 12 hours to prepare. Because that is the duration it requires. But once that homework is done you can sip your tea any time for 24 hours.

How to brew loose leaf iced tea

that was all on how to cold your brew loose leaf tea but there is always another option to get a thing done. Like here it is, how to make your loose leaf iced tea? You can either put it in the refrigerator for cold brewing or you can simply put ice into your tea after brewing it with usual methodology. For example, you forgot to make your cold loose leaf tea, and you do not have time now so you can keep your warm tea with yourself and put some ice cubes later in it.

You can also ice the brewed tea, making ice cubes of brewed tea can enhance the brewing and taste of the tea. So you might like to put it this way also.

How to make your own loose leaf tea

Making loose leaf tea is not rocket science. All you need to take care of the temperature, taste, aroma, duration of brewing the loose leaves to serve yourself with the perfect sip of tea. But many of you must be preparing or interested in making your own loose leaf tea. Well, that is not tough either. You just have to grow a tea garden, plant some tea seeds, nurture the tea plantation and enjoy the tea fruit, flowers, leaves and whatever you like…

However, our intention is not to put you in worry. We know everybody cannot grow a garden. Also, tea plantations require a particular form of weather condition, soil and atmosphere. But don’t you put on a gloomy face. You can simply shuffle the tea leaves you have. To enhance the taste and also to boost the energy they inject in your body. The best way to create a mixture of your special tea is blending. You can blend the desired tea leaves to create your taste of tea. The basic recipe for this blending is homemade chai, yes the one with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, also the tea leaves, you can also add suitable elements and blend your mixture for the desired taste. That is the basic and one example of many blending experiences awaiting your experiment. So enjoy your tea and keep yourself cool this summer.

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