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How to Bring New Customers to Your Business

Research shows that 50% of US consumers say most companies don’t meet their expectations. Due to this issue, most brands find it challenging to attract new customers or leverage the existing ones.

Bringing in new customers is expensive for most business owners. Without the right strategies, you may waste resources and fail to get a desirable return on investment. Besides, it may be tough to establish your brand as an authority in your niche.

Using effective techniques to attract new customers allows you to expand your market. Further, you can compete favorably and generate better results from your marketing efforts.

Here we discuss some methods you can use to bring and retain new customers.

Opt for a cloud-based solution

If you don’t have time, expertise, or sufficient resources to handle your customer’s query, provide them with required support or get their timely feedback, opt for cloud-based Amazon connect solutions to make CX effortless for your customers.
Outsourcing to the solution providers will help you strategize and plan according to your business and customers’ need as they provide customization to find a perfect solution.
No matter how much you try, you cannot match the level of expertise these automated solutions put in.

Offer Discounts and Promotions

Discounts and promotions are time-tested methods for attracting new customers for various reasons. First, they allow you to convince consumers that aren’t willing to spend a lot of money on a product or service. Once customers find what you offer valuable, they are more likely to buy again.

Lure new customers into your business by offering discounts when they spend more money. Such may include during the festive season and busy shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Once a customer buys something, offer after-sale services to improve their experience. For instance, you can deliver goods for free or at a discounted fee. Alternatively, provide free training or support if you deal with software or electrical devices.

Create a Referral Program

Customers satisfied with your services or products are highly likely to recommend others. Creating a referral program encourages them to take the initiative.

Before developing a referral program, ask for feedback from existing customers. This step will help you identify satisfied customers based on the promoter score. You may then actively request referrals from them by offering lucrative deals.

While you are more likely to generate referrals from satisfied customers, you may also get them from unhappy buyers. However, you should address the customer’s complaints beforehand and update them to show you value client satisfaction.


Another way to attract customers to your small business is by networking. This step allows you to meet people interested in what you offer. It also builds awareness about your brand and helps you leverage untapped markets.

Network with other consumers and brands by joining trade associations. Further, actively participate in online forums in your niche while maintaining your brand’s voice. You should also contribute to community activities and attend events to build your local market.

Attending trade fairs and seminars is another effective way to network. This method will help you get more business-to-business (B2B) clients. Further, you can connect with like-minded potential buyers and lure them into your brand.

Invest in Marketing

Marketing your business increases awareness and helps you convert more leads. Still, you will only generate desirable returns if you use the right strategies.

Study your target market to understand consumers’ behavior. Further, determine their preferences and tailor your products or services to meet them. You should also identify the websites or social media pages potential customers frequent.

These steps will help you identify the best marketing strategy to reach your target buyers. Further, you can focus efforts on channels that will increase reach and conversion rates.

Other marketing tips for attracting new customers are:

  • Update your website regularly
  • Engage influencers in your field
  • Include a call to action in your pages

Embracing digital marketing allows you to engage potential customers along the buyer’s journey. Further, specific methods like search engine optimization (SEO) will generate more traffic to your sites. You may then attract more customers through a high ranking on search engines.

While marketing your brand has many benefits, it may be hectic, especially if you run a small business. Outsource these services from a marketing agency to get better returns and focus on operations.

Such companies have experts that can grow your brand with the best lead generation and conversion methods.

Promote Your Expertise

Many consumers find it tough to identify the best brand when buying something for the first time. Showcasing your expertise will help you get the attention of such potential buyers. You may then simplify decision-making and increase the chances of them picking your brand over competitors.

Promote your knowledge and skills by volunteering during industry events. Such may include seminars, webinars, and debates. You should also strive to appear in shows or television programs related to your field.

Partner With Complementary Businesses

Working with complementary businesses is a cost-effective way to attract new customers. Identify brands that aren’t your competitors but have a similar customer base.

For example, if you sell wellness products, you may partner with healthcare providers. On the other hand, work with a furniture company if you are a home décor expert.

Partnering with a complementary brand can make your company more lucrative. Besides, you will boost credibility by working with reputable organizations. This method also allows you to scale through sharing ideas and strategizing how to influence the shared market.

Get Good Online Reviews

Most consumers research online before buying a product or service. During the process, they read reviews on websites and other online platforms.

You can attract new customers with good online reviews. On the other hand, negative feedback may scare away potential buyers and affect your marketing efforts.

Get good online reviews by offering high-quality services. Further, respond to customer complaints promptly and provide reliable support. Other ways to generate good online reviews are:

  • Follow up on buyers after a purchase
  • Reward customers that review your products or services
  • Provide customers with a template for reviews
  • Request reviews on social media pages

When obtaining online reviews, it’s best to focus on satisfied customers. Such are returning buyers and those that regularly engage you on social media pages. Targeting these parties will help you get more positive reviews than negative ones.

Attract New Customers to Scale Your Brand

Attracting new customers can be costly and tricky if you don’t use suitable methods. Still, with the discussed tips, you can reduce marketing costs and get more buyers. Further, you will build your credibility in the industry and ultimately get more leads with less effort.

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