How to choose a collar for my pet?

It’s no secret that once you have a pet, you need to take care of its comfort and identification. In this case, accessories, which are offered in quantity, play an important role. The choice should not be made hastily, because you need to consider different factors on which the comfort of the dog will depend. In addition, the collar acts as a retainer, which allows you to control the dog’s movements during the walk. If the fixation is secure and the size is correct, there will be no problems and every walk will be as pleasant as possible. Accordingly, the owner of the right accessory purchase remains at an advantage. 

In many cases, leather engraved collars for dogs are popular and there are several reasons for this. Leather materials with the right design last quite long time, despite the different operational features.

Why choose leather personalized collars?

Natural materials, not only in accessories but also in other things have always been highly valued. It is also important to pay attention to the fittings, which complement the product because it affects durability, comfort, and other important qualities. The advantages of engraved leather collars are:

  • Respectable, expensive, and stylish appearance.
  • Reliable and durable.
  • Leather products have a pleasant smell that does not irritate. This is an important factor for many people.
  • The dog does not feel discomfort because leather collars usually have a soft lining on the inside.

Manufacturers take care of all the details beforehand, and it’s up to the buyer to make the right choice. Consider your dog’s breed and size, as collars are available in sizes ranging from XS, to the largest 2XL, etc. 

In general, engraved leather collars are suitable for a variety of breeds, including the strongest and most aggressive, because they are quite durable and at the same time comfortable. If you have doubts about sizes and are afraid of making a mistake, read the size chart, which will help you to quickly orient yourself. Use a tape measure and measure your pet, as you will need to measure if you want to get the right size.


Although collars made of natural material by skin type are more expensive than synthetics, they are considered to be more beneficial in the long run. Just do a little math to see for yourself. In practice, everyone will be able to notice that accessories made of natural leather are more durable, and therefore will last much longer. They are less susceptible to mechanical exposures because they are characterized by strength and are often accompanied by the highest quality fittings. 

Don’t be guided by the generic dog breed sizes that are on the internet. It is better to take your measurements. It will be much more effective. For massive breeds with large necks, for example, an extended collar is thought of. It is slightly different from the standard accessories, as it consists of several leather strips. The truer the size, the more comfortable and secure the fit will be.


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