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How to Decorate Home With Black And White Colors

Black and white is an amazing color combination that fits every home décor style. No matter whether your home is big or small, these two colors can amp up the beauty in many ways. Also, they easily mix with other colors in your interior.

Here are a few ideas to use black and white décor in the home.

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Ravishing rugs to set the tone

If you are going to adopt black and white décor, then give your floor the same touch as well. Consider placing a rug in the living area with black and white prints. The floor rug in these two colors will complement your upholstery, wall prints, drapes, and other items available in the living area.

Also, you can use the same rug design in your black and white kitchen and in bedrooms as well. A Black and white rug will add a sensation look to your room. You can also opt for black and white floor tiles if you do not like rugs.

White walls and black decor

If you really want to decorate your interior with black and white, then choose white for wall paint and hand black décor pieces on it. Walls painted white to serve as a perfect background for canvas prints, framed wall arts, and other wall décor pieces.

Also, you can choose any color for your drapes and upholstery as everything matches perfectly with white walls. Moreover, white never goes out of trend and best suits every interior, be it Scandinavian, industrial, or modern.

Dramatic wallpaper

Wallpaper is in trend these days. You can add gray colored or black textured wallpaper on a wall in your living area. But, keep other walls white to complement the black wall and to make the room look lighter.

This will not only add a unique charm in your space but also make your interior look trendier and impressive. Try to choose a charcoal gray wallpaper that has an appealing texture or geometric prints. Further, use black or charcoal gray wallpaper sparingly, such as on just one dramatic accent wall or alongside the staircase.

Black and white wall art

Source: Elephantstock

Another great way to decorate your home is using black and white painting on walls. The black and white wall arts, prints, posters and photos can give your space a new look. Also, these types of prints look amazing on every wall in your home.

The best part is that you can also create a gallery wall with black and white photos or wall arts. With black and white wall art, you can create an industrial interior and can update your modern rooms.

Black marble top in kitchen

When you are decorating your home with black and white theme, do not forget the kitchen. It is the most important area of any home and should look as attractive as possible. The best part is that you can easily use black and white shades in your cooking area.

For example, go for a black marble top, keep walls white and use a mix of black and white for cabinets. You can also use black and white wall arts on the kitchen wall. Further, a black chalkboard wall is also a great option to decorate the kitchen. You can write your weekly diet schedule on that chalkboard wall.

Black and white dining area

Another important area of the home is the dining room or dining space. You can use the black and white theme in this room too and can make it look trendier. For example, choose a white marble dining table and pair it with black chairs. Or, add a black and white wall art on the wall of the dining room.

Final words

Black and white color complement each other in many ways, and they are the best shades to update the interior. You can take help from the above ideas to decorate your home with the black and white color scheme. Make sure not to overdo it with black as it may make your interior look dark. But, when you use black with white and other shades, then the home looks trendier, not dark.

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