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How to design the YouTube channel and content for the New Year

In the midst of all this New Year’s magic, it is very easy to get lost if you do not adapt your content in time to the general mood and don’t want to buy You Tube views. In addition, seasonal content is very important for any creator, because it significantly increases the reach and engagement of the audience – after all, everyone is interested in discussing what worries them at the moment: how to decorate a Christmas tree, where to go for gifts, where to buy a Santa Claus costume, so that the child does not exactly recognize the dad in him.


Along with designing your channel, it’s also important to transform your content. Even if it seems that the theme of your blog does not fit with the Christmas motives at all, try to incorporate holiday moments into your videos. Thus, you are more likely to get into the mood trends of your subscribers. After all, whoever your audience is, it 100% celebrates the New Year and is imbued with the general atmosphere.

Correct your content plan. If the niche of your channel and video formats allow embedding the New Year theme in the main content, consider this in advance. Allocate the time so that you have time to release all the relevant videos by the holiday – they will be included in recommendations and trends, since people are more likely to search for videos on these topics.

Throwing in ideas:

If you do reviews, film a video review of garlands, artificial trees, Christmas toys or Santa Claus costumes. If your topic is cooking, focus on unusual recipes for Olivier, dishes for the New Year’s table, desserts with tangerines. Do you have a “How To” format? Show me how to dress up a Christmas tree

for 100 UAH, make office decorations out of paper or create artificial snow at home. And if you are a travel blogger, then show how to spend New Year’s Eve in the capitals of the world, or tell us about the culture of celebration in different countries.

In general, as you noticed, a theme for a New Year’s video can be thought up for different formats and niches of the channel. If you need hints, contact us for advice – we have a lot of ideas!

Frame decoration. Even if your topic does not fit with the New Year and you are shooting videos about serious business or other similar things, then focus on the location. And if the theme of the video is far from the Christmas holidays, minimal decorations in the interior will help maintain the overall atmosphere.

Put a Christmas tree in the frame, add garlands to the background – they will give the video a mysterious flicker and New Year’s mood. As a last resort, wear a deer sweater and appear in front of your subscribers in an unexpected way.

Plots. If you do not want to focus on the New Year in the main content, then use the additional features of YouTube. For example, “Plots” are short videos that remain on the channel for only a week. This content format is also suitable for authors who want to further enhance the New Year’s atmosphere on the channel.

Tell your New Year stories, take off boomerangs in the background of festive locations, show how you decorate your house, etc.

Collaborations. Using the holiday theme as an excuse to partner with other bloggers is a great chance to connect audiences and increase channel engagement. You can make joint videos in which you compete to see who will dress up the Christmas tree better, show together how to shop in stores, where to go, or even arrange a battle of snowballs.

Interactive. During this period, as in all other seasonal events, the activity among the audience increases tremendously. Right now, it will be appropriate to involve subscribers in communication or a game.

Use the “Community” tab to interact with your community: post congratulations, pleasantries, New Year’s GIFs and pictures that will set the mood. It is also important to launch challenges or contests. New Year is a time for gifts, so you have a great chance to get closer to your subscribers and play something interesting.

Set up a challenge – come up with a unique hashtag and shoot a video in which you challenge someone. Ideas for a New Year’s challenge can be very different: you probably know very well how you can hook your audience.

IMPORTANT MOMENT! Think about how early you should start all the holiday updates for your channel. Don’t start too early, so as not to be like the supermarkets that had Christmas trees on display in October. It is better to start a week or two before the New Year, when the whole world is on the eve of the holiday, and you can finish just after Christmas. One week of the current year will be enough to support the general mood.

Next, there will be new reasons to transform the content on your channel. The main thing is not to miss them and do everything on time to stay “in the subject” for your audience.

Now look at the calendar and then on your YouTube channel. Perhaps it’s time to attract new followers without buying subs on Youtube and now is the time to start acting? Forward!


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