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How To Fix Numeric Keypad That No Longer Works on Windows

Solutions to fix numeric keypad problems on the keyboard that no longer works on Windows.
Following an upgrade or following some system modifications, but out of the blue for no obvious reason, it may occur that the numeric keypad of their Windows keyboard stops functioning.

We’ll then proceed to observe some probable solutions to fix numeric keypad and ensure it is operational (in case the issue is in the application level).Solution 1: Even if it’s trivial to state it in this scenario, firstly it’s fantastic to determine that the number blocking function (familiar throughout the Num Lock crucial normally situated in the top left of the keypad) is deactivated since if it’s busy, it prevents typing of amounts from this place.

Solution 2: When it doesn’t solve this way, attempt disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard to the computer (perhaps try too to alter the USB jack when the connector is kind ); if nothing else has changed subsequently attempt to restart Windows, perhaps it may be an issue loading the keyboard drivers neglected.

Solution 3: When the issue is still there, but except that the numeric keypad, the keyboard functions generally and also the” / * – +” keys operate on the keypad then proceed to Control Panel> Access > Access Center> Facilitates utilize mouse, and like in the case above in the image to be certain in the” mouse keyboard controller ” box”isn’t assessed Empower MouseKeys” that enables you to use the numeric keypad to move the pointer over the display; thus uncheck this box.

Solution 4: If the prior solution hasn’t come in handy, you merely need to join the keyboard to some other computer to find out whether it works. If it works then you may attempt uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard drivers on the PC at which the problem happens; if it does not work then it is time to replace it with a fresh one as the harm is the most likely hardware-level.

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Using all these methods you will successfully fix numeric keypad. If you still have any questions in mind then feel free to ask.
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