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How to greatly increase shopper satisfaction in brick-and-mortar stores

No matter what industry you are operating, customers are the most critical parts of your business. Without them, there are no sales, no growth, no business. So, taking care of your customers and their satisfaction is crucial as ever.

The fact that you are reading this blog post means you have the zeal to make your customers love you more. To make it happen, you should be ready to make sweeping changes in your brick-and-mortar stores. Consistent minor improvements can change the entire scenario. No need to fret out, you don’t need to revolutionize your stores completely but offer your shoppers dedicated services. Doing this will help you bring your shoppers back to your store.

Take a look at the shopper marketing tactics to increase their satisfaction:

1. Using Indirect Marketing

If you are worried about how to increase your shopper’s satisfaction and improve their experience with you, try an indirect marketing approach. Get an indirect marketing tool to work for your brand. One of the best can be taking socially responsible initiatives. Shoppers are tired and sick of buying from businesses that are grabby and avaricious. So, you have to convince your audience that you are careful about the society and working to make a positive difference. For brands related to grocery, donating some part of the everyday sale to impoverished children can help in gaining shoppers’ attention and support.

2. Answering Customer Pain Points Every time

Shopping should be painless for your customers.

One of the factors is working on the store design. The design of the store should be as per customers’ needs and requirements. It should accommodate their shopping styles to provide a better customer experience. Focus on customer comfort, for example, adding seating areas throughout brick-and-mortar stores. You can benefit with this due to their prolonged stay in the store. Hence, increasing chances of sales for you. According to the Department of Communication Studies, University of Antwerp, Belgium, giving a touching experience to customers is essential. Holding a product before they purchase it provides satisfaction and a chance to analyse it.

3. Leveraging Technology For Better Experience

Technology can be used to provide information about products to your customers. Take a look at the examples of brick and mortar instore marketing products from Tokinomo blog. Robots in retail can tell your story and make your creation come to life. They are specifically designed for catching customer’s attention and engaging with them. You can fit many products like shoebox outfitted with a QR code to scan a wealth of product information quickly. Hence, it will allow customers to uncover essential details of products they want to buy, giving them a positive experience.

4. Treat Shoppers As The Boss’s Family

To make customers fall in love with your work and business, simply closing the sale is not enough. Offering lasting customer service should be your priority because 81% of companies that provide great customer satisfaction and experiences outshine their competitors

One of the essential things you need to take care of is your employees’ mindset. Your employees work for you, but train them to think of customers as the boss’s family. Some efforts such as calling them guests instead of clients/customers is a step towards building a good relationship. Giving respect and anticipating their needs to showing immediate solutions can help you in providing dedicated services.

5. 80/20 Rule

Marketing consultant Kerry Bodine said, “It’s an illustration that shows all the different steps that your customers go through as they do business with you over time.”

According to E-Consultancy’s 2014 Cross Channel Marketing Report, only 2 in 5 companies understand customer journeys and adapt the channel mix accordingly’. So, mapping the customer journey is one of the most valuable exercises to improve customer satisfaction and grow your business. The critical point here is to identify the customers- those who present potential problems and deliver the best value for your business. So, apply the 80/20 rule to customers and revenues because 20% of customers make 80% sales. To maintain a healthy customer relationship, your focus should be on the rest of the 20% group of customers. Invest your time and efforts in them and scale your business.


Implement these tips and offer quality services. Be honest, be open and actively seek your shopper feedback. Make sure you analyze customer issues well and take calculative actions on the same. Understand the value of customer satisfaction and be consistent throughout the year. You can work on the problems during the off-season, execute them, and experience a positive change in your business. These tricks will help you amplify the level of satisfaction and retain them without much hustle.

James Vines

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