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How to Increase DSL Speed?

Nowadays the internet is one of the important parts of life as we are nothing without it and when it comes to speed everyone wants to be a light fasting internet because no one likes to see a page displaying slowly or a YouTube video that taking so much time to buffer. Still, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is one of the most used internet access technology around the world that uses the telephone network as a backbone to provide internet access by transmitting digital data over telephone wires, thus allows you to use both internet and telephone at the same time without any conflict.

However, sometimes you may feel that your DSL is running slowly and it mostly happens on the weekends because of the peak load on the network. To work out with these types of situations I’m going to share some tips that will definitely help you improve your DSL speed.

  1. Make sure that there are no joints in your telephone cable, if so then simply replace the cable with a new one because joints in the cable can limit the DSL speed.
  2. Distance from the local exchange can also affect the DSL speed, longer the distance greater will be the noise factor and all we know noise factor is inversely proportional to the speed. Therefore, try to connect to the nearest local exchange.
  3. In case of more than one telephone line in the home can produce interference and as a result your DSL connection may affect. The use of DSL filters like DSL/POTS splitter can save your connection from any unwanted interference.
  4. Update your DSL model to the latest available firmware as it can overcome the unknown factors that are affecting the DSL speed.
  5. Interleaving and FastPath are the two DSL terms that deal with the error correction mechanism and ping time factor respectively. Interleaving can lower the DSL speed because of its complex procedure, so you can turn it off by asking your ISP.

Hopefully these tips will help you to increase the DSL speed.

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