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How to Learn to Play Guitar Without Breaking the Bank

Learning to play guitar is one of the most exciting activities you can do. More often than not, people think they need special guitar lessons or very expensive books to guide them towards learning to play. This is very far from the truth because learning to play this particular instrument is easier than expected.

There are many inexpensive ways to learn to play guitar and bass guitar that will cost close to nothing. Here are some of the best ways to learn to play without breaking the bank.

Ask Your Friends to Teach You

One of the easiest ways to learn to play guitar without breaking the bank is to simply ask your friends to teach you. If you have someone who is a musician in your family or your circle of friends, you have nothing to lose by asking them to tutor you. This might pay off because there is a good chance they won’t charge you at all, or if you feel obliged to repay them in some way, you can always find some sort of compromise that won’t be too expensive. In addition to this, it will allow you to spend more quality time with them, which in turn gives a great opportunity for you to get closer while being productive in your venture to learn to play guitar.

Find Books

Books have been the most resourceful way to learn virtually anything throughout history. And as many scientists argue that everybody should read more, this can also be applied to the process of learning to play guitar. Countless books have been written about music theory, as well as the different techniques about which way is the best way to learn to play either guitar or bass guitar. While this truly is a great resource, and it will surely get you a long way, it might not be the most convenient way to learn as good books can be hard to find, and for obvious reasons, they might get in the way when you are using your hands to play.

Online Resources

Even though there are many resourceful books on how to learn to play the guitar, in this modern era, there may be an even better way. The professionals behind point out that earning to play guitar from an online source is the most popular and efficient way to do so as it sums up all the important tips and tricks without the need to rummage through countless books. They are also accessible from everywhere, and won’t get in the way when you’re playing as all you have to do is look at the screen and enjoy the show.

Go to Your Local Music Store

If you’re still unsure of how to learn to play guitar without breaking the bank, you can always consult people from your local music store. More often than not, they will be musicians too and they can guide you towards progress from finding the best guitar for beginners, to recommending the best resources to learn. If they happen to be uncooperative, you can always opt for online resources as we’ve discussed before. There you’ll be able to find quality information without having to rely on someone to show you the best way to learn to play the guitar. All this information is usually free so you won’t have to worry about spending too much money on resources.

Be Consistent

Last but not least, if you’re looking for ways to learn to play guitar for as little as money possible, this will mean that instead of going to expensive guitar lessons, you will have to practice a lot on your own. As we are all aware, learning by repetition is one of the best ways to learn so you better get down to it. Learning to play guitar, as opposed to the bass guitar will be a bit tricky at first because your fingertips will have to adjust to the somewhat sharp feel of the strings. But, if you are consistent enough, this period will be over before you know it, and it will be even easier for you to learn.

Learning to play guitar is a very fun and rewarding opportunity, especially during the era of the Covid-19 pandemic where there are not a lot of options for everyday life activities available. Make sure you find the easiest and most affordable way to learn such as from a free online resource as they are the most convenient and thought of ways to practice your new skill.

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