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How to open HEIC format in Windows or convert to JPG


How to open HEIC format in Windows or convert to JPG

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JPEG image quality and halving file size? This is the HEIC format. IOS 11 introduced the new HEIF image format (.HEIC), and now users can store even more photos on their iPhone and iPad. But what do Windows users with this format do?

What is HEIC and HEIF format?

HEIF is an image format with a reduced file size and quality higher than the JPEG standard. HEIF is now considered better than JPEG. The format is based on video compression by HEVC or H.265.

There are other advantages of the format. For example, transparency and 16-bit color. You can rotate, crop, add captions and overlays and save the file without changing the main image. That is, all changes can be undone later.

How to open HEIC

Do not worry, HEIC images can be opened and viewed on a PC without any problems. Microsoft has its own codec, you just need to install it. Open the Windows Store app, find and select “Extensions for HEIF Images”. Click “Get”, the codecs will be installed on your PC for free.

After installing the codec, you can immediately view HEIC files in the Photos application. Windows Explorer will show thumbnails, and with two clicks all images will open. But standard system tools cannot save these files in JPG or PNG.

How to convert HEIC to JPG

Automatically on iOS

Apple is aware of HEIC compatibility issues. If you do not want trouble with conversion, you can use the setting in iOS, which automatically converts files from the gallery.

Follow the path “Settings” – “Camera”.
Open Formats.
Select Most Compatible.

This will save you from unnecessary conversions. The main disadvantage of this approach: you can not shoot video in 4K / 60 frame formats. sec and 1080p / 240 frame. sec But you can always return the checkmark to “High performance”.

Convert HEIC online

If you do not want to clog your computer with third-party tools, then AnyConv online converter will help. Just drag and drop the file to this service and convert them to JPEG format. Whether to upload personal pictures to online services is an open question.

Using programs

There are enough options. For example, iMazing HEIC Converter. Simple, ad-free, allows you to select files and quickly convert to jpg or png. Or HEIC Converter Free, works on the same principle. Or CopyTrans HEIC. This is a plugin. After installation, right-click on the HEIC file, and in the context menu you will see a new option for converting to JPEG. Click to create a copy of the JPG image.


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