How To Prepare Your Business For The Christmas Season

Regardless of what type of business you have, you will still have some common Christmas decorating themes to adhere to. You will want the entrance to feel cozy and your employees to feel immersed with the spirit of the holiday season.

These common decorations are a great way to start when it comes to Christmas decorating at work:

  • Wreath on the door

  • Poinsettia in the waiting area of the break room

  • Festive napkins in the break room

  • Christmas tree

  • Garland and lights

Obviously, you can add many more decorations depending upon the  business that you have. If you have an impressive retail spot or store front window you can go all out with the window and have an image painted on the glass, hang ornaments from above the window frame and even center a beautiful Christmas tree right in front of the window but not all spaces are like this. Some offices are small and within a larger building and others have limited window space at all. Medical offices have tiny waiting rooms and may feel a bit cluttered with too many decorations. These previously mentioned common Christmas decorations can take up as much or little space as you want depending upon your office.

The wreath literally takes up little space and be hung right on the door leading into your office. When staff come in for the day they are greeted with a festive bit of greenery. When clients or customers come in to visit the office or store, they will immediately see the beautiful wreath hanging. If you have many doors within your office you could add more color and hang a wreath on each door within the work place.

Just as a wreath takes up little space but adds a pop of color, a poinsettia is also a great decorative plant that will spruce up a space and warm it with the holiday spirit. You can set one right on the reception desk for people to see as they enter and then add one to the employee break room too for a bit of festive cheer. Add some holiday napkins to the break room counter so your staff can appreciate some whimsical décor as opposed to the basic white paper napkin.

Christmas trees come in all sizes. If you have a lot of space you can go for a show stopper but if your office is small there are trees as little as 2 feet high. You can even add mini ornaments to the mini tree and still show off your Christmas spirit in a smaller fashion. The same is true for lights and garland. Receptionist desks are some of the best areas to decorate because they are open and front and center. The edge of the counter can have a little garland and some lights strung in front to really give the business a holiday feel. Larger businesses and store fronts can go all out with lights and have them outside covering signs, the exterior of the building and greenery.


With Holiday decoration comes more lights and things that could increase your United Illuminating expenses, in order to keep those costs down it is a good idea to use efficient lighting technology such as automatic timers and shut off technology.  These measures can help you reduce your monthly utility expenses especially during the light and bright Christmas season.

These traditional holiday decorations are common in homes and business all across the county. No matter the size of your business space, you can make it warm and festive for the holiday season.

Holiday Preparation Tips For Your Business
Prepping for the holidays should start in the month of November. You will want to ensure the space is clean before you have all the Christmas decorations put up. You never want to decorate over dust. Have your cleaning crew thoroughly go through. Take inventory of all the Christmas decorations that you have in storage and then walk around and visualize where you will want them displayed. This will make putting everything up easier and less time-consuming. As with all things, when you have a plan to stick to the process goes smoother. Once you have everything unpacked and laid out where it will be set up get to task. Ask some co-workers or employees to help you and decorating will be a breeze.

Don’t let yourself get bogged down with Christmas decorating. This is a wonderful time of year filled with giving and thoughtfulness and cheer. Let your holiday spirit shine just as brightly as your Christmas lights.


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