How To Prevent a House Fire

Thousands of household fires are started every year and they can cost thousands of dollars in damage in the areas they have affected. Over 50% of house fires are started in the kitchen with the top reasons for why these fires started was due to cooking fires and electrical issues. House fires can be really scary situations and when they are so common, there are things you need to know to help prevent house fires from affecting you and your family. If there is a circumstance in which you have been impacted by a house fire, Blackfoot house fire remodel can help you to get you back on your feet. Being prepared for a house fire is definitely something that will be super beneficial, but when it comes to fires, it is important to do everything you can to try to prevent them from starting in the first place.

Implementing Fire Safety Habits 


There are little things that you do in your life that you may not even think about, that may put you more at risk for a house fire. By being conscious of your everyday actions and avoiding certain actions that could increase your chances of starting a fire, you are taking the first steps in the prevention process. A great place to start and something vital to think about is your habits when it comes to any space heaters or candles that you have in the house. Always blow out candles if you are not in the room. You never know what could happen with a candle – it could be an accident of it falling over or a gust of wind fanning the flame. It is better to be in the vicinity to take care of any accidents or just prevent any accidental fires by making sure all your candles are blown out when you leave the room.  Make sure any space heaters you have plugged in are away from any curtains or furniture to avoid overheating itself or other objects and starting a house fire. 

Check Your Smoke Alarms Regularly


Your smoke alarms are what is going to be your first warning that there is a fire. The sooner you realize there is a fire, the sooner you are able to react and prevent as much damage as you can. There can be a minimal amount of damage that occurs if you are able to be notified and attend to a fire quickly. More severe damage will happen the longer it takes you to realize that something is on fire. It is recommended that you change out the batteries in your smoke detectors twice a year to ensure there are fresh batteries that will function properly in an emergency. Testing your smoke detectors once a month will help you to know that they are still in working order and they are not defective. There should be detectors near every room of the house so make sure to check all of them to ensure maximum safety and prevention. 

Keep Flammable Objects in Safe Places


In your home, there may be some flammable objects that come to mind first that you will consider putting in safe places. Items like propane tanks, rubbing alcohol, and gas cans you might automatically know to have stored securely. But what about other common place items that are flammable that you didn’t even realize? Items like hairspray, cooking oil, and nail polish need to be cooley and safely stored in order to prevent fires. Never have any of these items near an open flame and make sure they are in a safe place to prevent house fires. These tips can help ensure the safety of your home and your loved ones, and Blackfoot fire repair can help repair any damage if an emergency fire situation does arise. 

James Vines

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