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How To Rent Out Your House? Step by Step procedure

How beneficial is it to turn your property into a good source of income? Well, if you have an extra property and you’re expecting to sell it, it might not be a good idea. Even new landlord, doubtful to sell the property, can think about renting their home. Although, people can generate monthly passive income to give properties for rent Larnaca

Whether you desire to rent out your house for a longer or shorter period, you should know about the laws. Accessing the property, setting up a budget, marketing the property, and screening potential renters are the crucial factors in the renting procedure. Let’s explore how to rent out your house.

How  to rent out your house – 5 Steps

To offer your property for rent, you need to consider other factors, including your area, budget, property value, and tenant background. 

1- Set up your property

Once you have decided to rent out your property, you should set up the house. If you offer your house for short-term rentals like holidays, you must take care of accessories for guests. 

  • Analyze the house and fix any damage or leakage problems.
  • Moreover, deep cleaning of the house is essential to present your property in a better way in front of tenants.
  • However, the decoration also attracts potential tenants willing to pay higher rent rates.
  • Also, finalize the safety of the tenants.

All these factors make your property valuable for renters.

2- Research tenant laws

According to local, state, or federal law, some legal responsibilities may protect owners or renters. Under tenant law, it’s important to be aware of the renter’s needs and ensure a pest-free home. 

3- Set the rent rates

If you set the rent rates higher than market rates, people will not choose your house, resulting in a financial loss. Before setting up rental rates, it’s necessary to analyze the area, amenities, and unique features of your property. According to market rates and your monthly expenses, you can set up the rent rates within a limited percentage. However, the moderate rent is 1-2% of the property value and luxuries. Make sure that if you already have renters who have had a good experience with your property, their feedback can help in increasing your rent rates for future residents.

4- Marketing and managing your property

Once you’ve accessed your property and established a budget, you can start marketing for your property. For that, understand your target audience and examine their preferences. Social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, plays a vital role in marketing. You can use Facebook ads can target a specific area, while Instagram allows you to share visual content of your property. However, reviews from family and friends make your property worth it. Make sure that community marketing works better than property marketing. Highlight surrounding schools, parking, restaurants, buildings, etc to grab renters’ attention to your property.

5- Meet, screen, and select a potential tenants

Start by being loyal and meeting with a renter for screening. Share details about your house amenities or space before knowing about your residents. It’s best practice to create an application where renters can provide their evidence, such as employment history, prior landlord, and information about family members. If your renters have pets, you can follow the laws for the future safety of your home. Ensure your tenants have no criminal record and check out the current balance to determine if they can pay the rent.

To find out your next home according to your needs and budget, visit for better experiences. 


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