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Few Steps to Change the Stylus Needle of Your Turntable

Who does not love to hear the tune? We can barely find one who is not a fan of music. Music is the sound which refers to the singers or musicians’ art. Suppose we define music more formally, the tune with the musical texture full of notes in the output. And, generally, various types of instruments and singers’ vocals are behind creating the music. In the present era, we have different types of music. Music is a cultural activity in many regions around the globe as well.

What are Music & the Music Player?

Playing in a live show requires the presence of musical instruments and the vocalist. The symphony playing is other than those genres; here, people play the instruments. But, when you hear music at your place, all you need to do is electrify the music media player, input the recorded disk and connect the speakers. Afterward, you are ready to welcome the phonetic and instrumental desire. There are various types of music players that people use for ages, and the oldest player is a turntable.

Change Your Turntable Stylus by Your Own

Though turntables are expensive options to own; yet, you can find the best turntable for under 300 dollars. Today’s turntables are easy to maintain and hand. You can change the needle means the stylus by following a few single steps. Before that, you need to determine if you need to change the stylus or not by hearing the sound. The broken or expired needle will cause a broken or scratchy sound. However, the steps are,

  1. The first task is removing the old stylus. Unplug the plastic frame of the stylus and hold tight by pinching. Use another hand to lift the needle and slowly pull. Be careful so that the plastic frame does not get hurt while removing.
  2. Purchase the new pin or needle. When you are going to the shop, take the model number as a note. All the nails look similar, and one can’t differentiate the needles in blank eyes. So, the model number is quite significant. Otherwise, the stylus will not fit, or if fit, it will not work correctly. Many brands are offering the same. But the recommendation is, go for a stable and renowned brand.
  3. When you have the new needle in your hand, unpack it. Now hold the plastic cartridge and put the needle inside. One thing you must remember, the pointy side will be at the bottom. It would help if you were careful enough so that the tapered tip does not get hurt.

By following these steps, you can easily change the needle of a turntable recording instrument.

Things You Must Consider

There are a few cautions you need to follow as well. And these are,

  1. A standard graded needle can play around 1000 hours. So, it would help if you counted this segment. If this is hard to revise the using period, the average time interval you can follow is three years. Hence, change the needle or stylus every three years.
  2. Sometimes it is not the needle; it is the speaker behind the scratchy sound. Speakers for turntable are different. Before you change the stylus, check the speakers.
  3. The needle of a turntable is such a small object to handle. The stylus is sensitive as well, especially the pointy side. You can use a pair of hand gloves to avoid the misconducts that can penetrate your skin. The gloves will also help you to have a better grip.
  4. Since the needle is small, you find face difficulties while installing. So, you can use reading glasses to enlarge the scene. It will give you a perfect shot to install correctly.

Sometimes, the cartridge can cause difficulties while playing. Hence, it is vital to check the cartridge as well.

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