How to Upgrade Your Bathroom on A Budget

In the real sense, the primary core of interior decor is creativity. You can create or remodel your space to the dreamed bathroom you want at a reasonable amount. The bathroom models we see on social media may not require as much expense as we think. Although some designs are costly, below are budget-friendly tips that would not let you spend excesses.

Let’s find out some of the best options!

1. Carry Out Deep Cleaning

Dirt is one of the main reasons your bathroom might start losing its touches. It masks the color and impressive sparks on your walls and other bathroom accessories. Start your upgrade by carrying out deep cleaning in your bathroom.

Start by cleaning your walls and floor and ensure that it is sparkling. The bathtub, bathroom fabrics, and other elements in the bathroom shouldn’t be ignored.

2. Touch the Walls With luxurious colors

One significant aspect of your wall design is choosing the right color combination. You can let white serve as the color base, while you use other neutral colors as the overhead. Ensure it provides warmth to your body. As a result, let the colors portray your personality and preference.

Remember, you will be spending time alone in your bathroom space than in every other part of the house. Hence, it should be about you first and what to achieve. You can visit a local store to check out color varieties.

3. Add Suitable wall arts at strategic location

When placing your canvas wall arts, target a position above the bathroom furniture, especially the bathtub. Also, you can select a size between 2/3 and 3/4 of the furniture size. By doing so, it would fit the furniture perfectly. However, try to stay out of excess wall arts if your bathroom is too small or narrow.

Your bathroom walls should have some space and not be packed with wall arts or designs. When choosing your shapes, you can either go asymmetrical or symmetrical.  Ensure to use a proper layout and less conventional arrangement. You can find various suitable wall arts for your bathroom at reputable sources like ElephantStock and get more ideas.

4. Repair old bathroom furniture

It is high time you repaired a broken lackluster unit. If you cannot revamp yourself, search for a trusted repairer online to help you with it. However, it is best to start with your local store or community. Sometimes, your furniture company may provide a warranty that allows you to repair your furniture for free when needed.

5. Use attractive and cheap flooring

If your tiles are faded or broken, replace them with the cheap flooring material. An example of a tile alternative is luxury vinyl tiling. It is budget-friendly and durable because it is water-resistant. Meanwhile, water-resistant flooring material is what you need for your bathroom. It is no doubt the bathroom floor would have more water on it than other places in the house.


The ideas above are not only affordable but also quick, which turns out beautiful. However, it is vital to implement ideas that can make our bathroom more comfortable because it creates a sense of personal relaxation. It is where you can relax your mind and body and have private time away from other family members.

James Vines

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