How to Use the Free Jungle Scout Estimator to Evaluate Your Amazon FBA Competition

Sellers on Amazon have challenges in successfully selling their entire product regardless of product category. The use of Zonbase and Jungle Scout is one of the best tools for a seller who wants to make a living from his business on Amazon. This tool is of great help especially when you are eager to get a quick return on investment. So, if you can’t figure out whether to use it or not then let’s know Zonbase and JungleScout free trial to evaluate whether to use it or not.

What Is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is an online platform that allows you to launch your e-commerce business with maximum data to be sure to sell popular products to qualified customers.

Jungle Scout is a software designed and thought to be used both by all those people who do Amazon FBA or Fulfillment, that is, all those sellers who have decided to use Amazon logistics; as by those who sell without Amazon logistics. The platform is mainly intended for entrepreneurs wishing to sell their products on Amazon via the Amazon FBA logistics platform in particular but is also aimed at people who wish to embark on a long-term dropshipping business.


What Is Zonbase?

Zonbase is an across-the-board stage for Amazon dealers hoping to find their triumphant item on the web and to do so Zonbase furnishes you with devices, for example, keyword Locater, Stowed away Specialties, Income Assessor, Brand Rank Following, Watchword Investigation, Switch ASIN, Posting Improvement and some more.

JungleScout Free Trial:

Jungle Scout is an Amazon research instrument that assists you with tracking down winning items, gauging deals, researching keywords, and giving information about competitors. all from one simple to-utilize dashboard. On Jungle Scout, there isn’t a JungleScout free trial accessible. Be that as it may, Jungle Scout has a seven-day money-back policy. They will return your money with no issues assuming that you drop your request in seven days or less. Indeed, it is a piece expensive, and better believe it, it sucks that there’s no JungleScout free trial, however on the off chance that you’re significant about becoming your FBA business.

Zonbase Free Trial:

Zonbase, again, offers a 7-day free trial. To finish it off, Zonbase likewise offers a 7-day unconditional promise. With Zonbase, you can evaluate the product free of charge, assisting you with choosing if it merits putting resources into it without facing a challenge. You won’t be paying anything to get everything rolling with your free multi-day free preliminary. This choice is to not need to stop the help, in the event that you choose to continue to utilize it after your multi-day free preliminary is up. You can downsize or drop your membership on request, by reaching the ZonBase support, within your record.

How to Evaluate the Tool Before You Buy?

As you already know, it does not have a JungleScout free trial, and it is something that certainly takes points away from its reputation. However, Jungle Scout offers a money-back guarantee for the first 7 days. So, let’s evaluate the software before buying it.


The advantages of free jungle scout estimator are multiple: first of all, this app will allow you to find the winning products in a few clicks, thanks to a massive database. Thus, you will be able to find the sector with high potential: Jungle Scout is based on data from Amazon to extract as much information as possible from each sector and category of e-commerce products.

Product Research:

This tool, which is an integral part of Jungle Scout, fully analyzes the market and the competition. By acquiring the free Jungle Scout estimator special offer you will discover that the tool has more than 70 million products in its database.

So you will find it very easy to know the selling speed of a product, the movement of the market and the trend of the products. By having a good knowledge of the gaps in the market, you can use them in your favor to promote your products.

Product Suppliers:

This tool is useful for collecting information or a report on a product over a relatively long period of time. By being able to follow the evolution of certain products, you could evaluate them. Consequently, you will be able to adapt your positioning and your products according to the databases collected.

Through this tool, Jungle Scout offers help allowing users to access supplier databases. The list consists of a database of different manufacturers and suppliers for a given product. Even though sellers can always have access to a long list of products on marketplaces, it is always more interesting to have a helpful tool to do so.

Listing Management:

The listing builder permits you to construct a listing in light of your catchphrase and item research. Utilize the listing builder straightforwardly from the dashboard of Wilderness Scout and top catchphrases to make listings. You can likewise advance any current listing from the Listing Builder.

Analyze Keywords and Trends:

Because the search for the winning product must be based on the quality of the product, it is also necessary to find popular products that are currently selling on the Web. To do this, Jungle Scout allows you to discover the most trending keyword opportunities of the moment from its database. If the keywords are popular, it means that customers are interested in a particular product category over a given period.


Jungle Scout has some disadvantages. See below the disadvantages.

Monthly Membership:

The primary disadvantage of free jungle scout estimator is the pricing plan. The plans are confusing and there is no JungleScout free trial. For beginners it is difficult. Also, the monthly memberships are quite expensive.

Difficult for Newbies:

The usage of the Jungle scout is quite easy but for beginners, it can be difficult and confusing. So, before you get a jungle scout think wisely about whether to buy or not.


Q. What is LQS in Scout Jungle?

The Jungle Scout has a lighter version called LQS. Although it has fewer functions than the full Jungle Scout extension, it is still an extremely helpful tool for Amazon sellers.

Q. Is Jungle Scout an ideal tool for you?

Free jungle scout estimator is right for you if you are clear that you want to sell on Amazon and you are looking for a powerful tool. You are looking to do market and keyword research on Amazon. You need to know the classifications of items and brands that are moving. You need to predict sales and forecast your inventory volume.


Jungle Scout is a phenomenal FBA dealer device as I would see it, and it’s ostensibly the best buy you can make for your Amazon business. I’ve viewed the precision as very great up until this point, and I’ve utilized the information significantly to foster my Amazon selling approach. But not having a free trial is a big turndown. While you can get more facilities and free trials in Zonbase.

Zonbase is a treasure trove of data for Amazon merchants. With admittance to past deals information, you can come to informed conclusions about what items and catchphrases will be generally productive later on all without having to go through hours scouring research locales on the web!

ZonBase is an extraordinary choice for Amazon dealers, little and large similar since it considers adaptability and an immense exhibit of various instruments and choices to assist you with selling more.

You can plunge your feet in with the free preliminary and set aside a lot of cash and time with the Standard choice, or truly take things to a higher level with the well-conceived plan, contingent upon your ongoing circumstance. So, before you buy the tool for you think wisely about which one to choose.


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