Ideal Choices For Best Tablets for Reading

Living in the modern world, seeing people use smartphones and tablets for everything is the norm. Online reading and the demand for the best tablet for reading has also gained a lot of traction recently. Be it online libraries or the craze for the latest news, everyone seems to be inclining towards best reader tablets. 

The best reading tablet gives you a lot more than just a convenient reading facility; you get built-in light adjustment feature, dictionaries, portability, background music, options to adjust fonts, and highlighting eBooks. 

Options for the best tablet for reading

With the increasing demand, the market appears to be flooded with reading tablets. It can be tricky to decide the best reading tablet, which is in sync with your requirements. If you are also wondering about the options for a tablet for reading eBooks, here are some appealing options:

  • Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite tablet has become increasingly stylish in looks and usage. With a sleek body and a single button at the bottom, it is a perfectly portable device that you can easily carry with you anywhere.

Here are some factors that earn Kindle Paperwhite tablets prominent rank amongst the best tablets for reading, especially, for the ebook that you would like to read with maximum visual comfort:

  • It is super light to carry
  • Has a responsive touch screen for operation instead of buttons
  • You can easily hold a page and flick to the next one using the same hand
  • The awesome size will fit anywhere

So, why carry a bulky paperback book when you can carry around the best ebook tablet? The backlight and the matte finishing will make you forget that you are reading from a screen.

The newest model of Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof and offers 60 minutes safety in water that has a depth till 2 meters.

RAM Normal use
Storage 32 GB
Stylus No
Display 6″
Camera NA
Operating System Linux-based
Battery Life Up to 6 weeks
Connectivity WiFi
Weight 191 g


  • Fire 7 Tablet

This astonishingly cheap reading tablet is very light on the pocket. The IPS display and impressive screen resolution coupled with a Quad-Core processor leaves no doubt why it is one of the best e-reader tablet.

If you really love online reading and don’t think 16 GB and 32 GB storage variants would suffice, you can avail the micro SD card to enhance storage capacity even further. 

It comes in a range of colors like twilight blue, plum, sage, and black. Its charging time is only 2 hours, after which it can work for around 8 hours. 

Using this tablet, you can read books, play your favorite music, browse the internet, and download all of your favorite eBooks.

Processor 1.3 GHz Quad-Core
Storage 16 GB
Stylus No
Display 7″ IPS display
Camera 2 MP front
Operating System Fire OS 6 Nougat
Battery Life Up to 7 hours
Connectivity WiFi
Weight 286 grams


  • All-new Kindle

All-new Kindle is one of the most popular Kindle paperwhite tablets. It has several attractive features which make it stand amongst the list of best reading devices. The 16-level grey scales is the most popular feature as this allows its users to adjust the color brightness of their screen and prevents eye strain.

Other handy features of this device include:

  • Screen size of 6 inches
  • Glare-free
  • Features Amazon’s E-Ink technology
  • 4GB storage capacity, which can be increased further using cloud storage
  • Allows access to Amazon library
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Seamless WiFi connection

The best feature: Charge once and read for days without worrying about recharging. What else could you ask for? 

Processor NA
RAM Normal use
Storage 8 GB
Stylus No
Display 6″ glare-free
Camera NA
Operating System NA
Battery Life Lasts up to 4 weeks
Connectivity WiFi
Weight 6.1 oz.


  • BOOX Note2

A comfortable reading screen and HD display make it a catchy option amongst the best Android tablets for reading. BOOX Note2 comes with a 64 GB internal storage, and also, you can also attach external devices like keyboards or mouse with this port.

Investing in this best tablet for reading will take your reading experience to the next level because it has:

  • 5G WiFi
  • Customized protection
  • Back button
  • Fingerprint recognition for unlocking the device
  • 4300mAh long-lasting battery

Moreover, it comes with dual speakers for music and audiobooks and Bluetooth for connection with wireless headphones.

Processor Octa-core 2.0 GHz Processor
Storage 64GB
Stylus Included
Display 10.3 Inches
Camera NA
Operating System Android 9.0
Battery Life Up to 4 weeks
Connectivity WiFi
Weight 1.03 pounds


  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

A full HD display and high screen resolution make it the best tablet for PDF reading. With a dual-core processor and huge storage capacity, there is no way that it will limit your passion for reading. 

If you decide to take this portable reading tablet with you, it can last 10 hours without recharging. Adjust the glare for a comfortable reading experience, and get ready to roam in the world of eBooks right away.

Processor Samsung
Storage 128 GB
Stylus NA
Display 10.1 Inches
Camera 5.0MP Front | 8.0MP Rear Camera
Operating System Android 9 Pie Operating System
Battery Life 11 Hours
Connectivity WiFi
Weight 1.03 pounds

With these enticing options for the best tablet for reading, you no longer have an excuse to keep your books waiting!

Raihan Ahmed

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