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Is Bitcoin the Future of Money?


This digital currency offers beneficial perks such as no transaction fees, no intermediaries or banks, no inflation. However, the question often arises is Bitcoin the future of money? It has been gaining increasing popularity for the profitable returns on investment and the effortless functioning during making purchases. The value added to bitcoinsmade it a sustainable alternative to fiat money or collateral assets such as gold (in the future).

Bitcoin has the potential to build the infrastructure of the digital arena, along with the numerical value it has also helped in accelerating the widespread use of various applications and software. It was initially considered handy only for the techies. The present scenario has changed drastically. Let’s look at what it is all about? And whether someone should invest in bitcoin?

What Is Bitcoin?

It is the world’smost popular, one of its kindand decentralized cryptocurrencies. Which is stored in digital wallets.Digital wallets are of two types- software wallets, and hardware wallets. In software wallets, the functions are carried out on the users’ computers or smartphone devices. While hardware wallets are device storage that connects to your computer. Software wallets do not ensure any insurance. 

Bitcoin wallets are used to send or receive bitcoins, and they generate the bitcoin address which later acts as the users’ ID. Every transaction in bitcoin leads to storing data in blocks which makes up an account of financial accounts or simply called aledger. It is a transparent ledger with no central authority. Anyone who owns bitcoin, at any moment can sneak a peek at this ledger and get access to all the information related to transactions that took place. The only con here is, the identity of the person who made the transaction is anonymous and balance data is represented by the bitcoin balance address ID. Which often shows data of purchases of illegal items, goods, or services. For this reason, the usage of bitcoin as the main mode of transaction is still considered apprehensive by legal institutions. You can use trading platform with this bot and many more like this.

Why Does/ Should a Person Invest in Bitcoin?

The simplest answer to why do people invest is, to make money, to receive profitable returns than the amount invested initially. When someone invests, they usually picture the results of long-term scenarios. Generally, investors are overly optimistic with their funds, ignoring the fact that things can go downside. They believe that at some point in the distant future their investments will turn into extremely profitable assets. However, Bitcoin is a very risky platform to invest in. 

Bitcoin is a virtual currencythat doesn’t involve any banks or has no regional boundaries, and therefore, doesn’t have any country wise currency. What makes bitcoin fun to invest in is its convertible property to fiat currency. 

For example- if person A owns 1 bitcoin, he can either convert it into an Indian rupee of 3776925.13 or 43051.05 euro.

How to Go Ahead With Putting Your Time and Money in Bitcoins or Other Cryptocurrencies?

If you want to trade often, just store them or use them to make purchases, or use them for asset building, cryptocurrencies offer a wide range of opportunities. 

Start by choosing the right cryptocurrency exchange platform, certain aspects that one needs to know before choosing the exchange platform are- location and restrictions, liquidity offered, fees charged, and so on. To name a few popular choices of exchanges are Binance, Bisq, Cash App, Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken.

After one manages to choose the most suitable cryptocurrency exchange for themselves, they are required to provide their documents. After the legitimization of the identity of the person, they can attach their bank accounts to the exchange account. If one doesn’t have a bank account, they can carry on with a PayPal account. There’s another option of buying cryptocurrencies with a debit card or credit card, but it is advised to avoid attaching card details due to the lack of security and the recorded scams that took place over the years.

After following the steps, place your order for cryptocurrencies. Hope you have great time trading and investing.

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