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Is CBD Oil Worth The Hype

No matter how prepared, fit, or resilient we are, we will experience pain sooner or later. The feeling of pain is essential, but unfortunately, it prevents us from doing what we love. This is where CBD oil comes in. According to some studies, this substance could help manage pain, with minimal risk of side effects. So how can CBD affect pain? To better understand why CBD is considered a potential treatment and to get some useful information, we must first examine the phenomenon of pain. Pain management is often complex, as it is a subjective sensation, which varies from person to person. Whenever we feel pain, we need to consider both physical and emotional factors.

The pain can come on suddenly, but regardless of whether we hit a piece of furniture with our foot or squeezed a finger in a drawer, the sensation must go through dozens of checkpoints. Such nerve centres include neurons, nerve fibres, the spine, and three different areas of the brain. After the brain has processed the signal, the body must coordinate an adequate reaction. In the case of a thumb squeezed into a door, it generally involves hops accompanied by colourful curses. However, the one mentioned above represents only a tiny part of the whole process. Have you ever noticed that even a tiny bruise seems more painful as you get older, while as young people, every bump goes almost unnoticed? This is partly because there is an emotional component to the sensation of pain. Our brain helps us avoid painful situations by creating lasting memories. Even if we don’t notice it, our emotional response to pain is essential since living without feeling pain would create far more problems than we could imagine – how would we know if we have been infected with an infection or if we have injured ourselves. A hand? Pain is a fundamental defence mechanism, but it too can jam.


Most people experience nociceptive pain. When nerve fibres detect a lesion, they trigger a pain response through the central nervous system. Nociceptive pain is caused by things like bruises, burns, or fractures. However, there is not only nociceptive pain. There is also neuropathic pain, a sensation connected to the body’s neurological system. Remember the checkpoints mentioned earlier? Imagine that one of them is damaged. The sensations would be altered, and all the pain processing processes would be compromised. As a result, you may feel intense, stabbing pain, numbness, or a burning sensation. This type of pain can become chronic quickly and negatively affect a person’s quality of life. In the case of chronic pain, pain medications are usually prescribed. Unfortunately, they are sometimes ineffective, can generate side effects and create addiction. This is why many investigators are looking into alternative solutions such as CBD oil. This molecule could represent a valuable remedy for pain and, according to theWorld Health Organization, “presents no indications of a potential risk of abuse or addiction”.


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