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Key Benefits Of Embedding Twitter Feeds On Your Website

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Key Benefits Of Embedding Twitter Feeds On Your Website

Embedding Twitter feeds , Embedding Twitter feeds on your website , twitter

Embedding Twitter feeds: Twitter is one of the most amazing social media platforms which acts as a credible source of information whether it is about events of national or international importance, businesses, concerts, brands, most trending topic in the area, and almost everything. You find an opinion on everything and anything on Twitter.

Yes, That’s how vast Twitter is!

Not just as a social media platform, but Twitter has emerged as a platform of utmost necessity when it comes to marketing for a brand. Marketers just can’t avoid it. It has become the solution to the marketer’s dilemma of never-ending content requirement.

Marketers often exploit Twitter not just as a marketing platform but also a source of authentic and relevant content that could be displayed along with your website content, thereby, increasing the relevancy of your website content.

 Embedding Twitter feeds , Embedding Twitter feeds on your website

Embedding Twitter feeds on your website is one such way to utilize Twitter for content supply and brand advertisement. It not only helps you enhance the website’s overall appeal but also increases the relevancy of your website content.

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Embedded Twitter feeds on your website helps you to grow your business and build a better and stronger brand image.

But, how?

Let’s explore.

Grow Your Social Circle

 Embedding Twitter feeds

Most of the marketers set social media goals while drafting their marketing strategy. Twitter is an important marketing platform, therefore, growing the number of followers on Twitter is a primary one among those goals.

Displaying interesting and engaging content like tweets, images, videos, and other kinds of Twitter content as your website content, helps you to achieve that goal. “Embedding Twitter feeds” on your website is like integrating your social presence with a digital presence.

Your website visitors get to know of your social presence too which they might not be earlier aware of. By embedding Twitter posts in form of images, tweets, videos, etc. on your website, you drive your website traffic to your Twitter profile, thus growing the number of followers on your Twitter account. This helps you to build a stronger social influence of your brand on Twitter. It also helps to make your brand more visible on Twitter.

Build Engagement And Boost Organic Reach

When you embed Twitter posts on your website, you give your website visitors something interesting to engage with. The Twitter posts are so interactive and attractive that they catch the attention of your website visitors making them engage more and spend more time on your website.

Embedding Twitter posts on your websites also give you a way to direct your website traffic to your Twitter profile where they could engage and interact better with your Twitter posts. They could like, comment, share, and re-tweet your Twitter posts.

More the users engage with your Twitter posts, more is the probability of that post to get ranked higher in the search results. In fact, the search engines also follow the algorithms swhich show the most engaging posts on the top. This way, your organic reach is also boosted.

Improve SEO

 Embedding Twitter feeds

Embedding Twitter posts on your website helps you improve your website’s overall performance, and hence improves your SEO.

For starters, it enhances the visual appeal of the website, thereby, improving the overall user interface of the website. Visitors are more likely to stay on your webpages once they find relevant and interesting content being displayed on your website. This helps to increase the dwell-time of your visitors and also reduce the overall bounce rate.

Also, the longer visitors stay on your website, the more opportunities you get to convince your visitors of the credibility and authenticity of your brand’s product and services. Hence, conversion rates and click-through rates are also improved.

In a nutshell, the overall performance of your website is improved which, in turn, increases your SEO performance too. Search crawlers also detect the relevant content on your website and help it rank better.

Drive Conversions By Displaying Social Proof

Embedding Twitter feeds on your website allows you to display user-generated content for your brand on your website itself. That’s your social proof. User-Generated Content Marketing is the most trusted and reliable form of marketing that your customers trust.

So, if you are an e-commerce brand with an official website selling services/products online, then embedding Twitter feeds might be one of the best decision for your business. You get to display social proof and that too in such an attractive and engaging manner.

The better and more the social proofs are being displayed, the better you convince your visitors to make the final purchase, hence increased are your conversion rates and more are your sales for your business.

Over To You

These are just some of the major benefits and ways in ‘embedding Twitter feeds’ on your website help you grow your business.

Try embedding Twitter feeds on your website today itself and experience these amazing benefits yourself and grow your business.


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