Lifestyle Choices: Can the Right Ones Delay Cognitive Aging?

It is possible for us to stay, feel, and look fitter, stronger, and younger by making smart lifestyle choices. Thanks to the internet, the smart choices are not exactly secrets either. However, can smart lifestyle choices also help us delay the cognitive aging process?

As it happens, the answer is yes, intelligent lifestyle choices and timely changes can certainly keep the mind sharp for a much longer time than expected. Let’s take a closer look at the facts next to understand how it all works.

Mind and Body: Physical Exercise Helps Both

Physical exercise in any structured form can help both the mind and body stay stronger and younger for much longer than the norm. Contrary to prior beliefs, it has been found that weight training and HIIT are even more effective than cardio when it comes to building strength, retaining muscle mass, and stimulating the CNS through the reticulospinal tract.

Note that weight training does not need to involve heavy weights at all, you can achieve the desired results with bodyweight exercises as well. If you have any physical condition that prohibits you from participating in traditional exercises at the gym, then swimming, powerwalking, and jogging can also help in keeping the body fit and the mind active for decades. 

Social Interaction: Regular Communication is Essential

Age has a way of limiting our avenues of communication and socialization. This is not just bad for emotional stability and wellness, but it’s also bad for our neurological health, especially after a certain age. For example, playing cards, chess, scrabbles, etc., act as both neurostimulators, as well as socially engaging activities for seniors. The gaming sessions allow for enjoyable, regular, verbal communications; something that is considered important to minimize one’s chances of developing Alzheimer’s, senior depression, and anxiety.

However, when someone’s social circle becomes exceptionally small, they may not even have enough people around to engage with daily in any stimulating social activity. Consider moving into an independent living community for seniors if you ever feel isolated or lonely. For those living close by, check this health & wellness oriented social community for independent living in Rockford IL.

Sharpening the Mind: Exercises for the Brain

The human brain is in some ways, similar to a knife that gets dull without regular sharpening. Unlike a knife, the brain does not become dull through its application; it becomes sharper through it. Solving sudoku, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, anagrams, and cryptograms daily are proven methods for people above the age of 55 to keep their minds sharper.

There are also study results that affirms their connection to delayed onset of Alzheimer’s disease and certain other age-related neurological conditions. If you have never thought of video games as part of a healthy lifestyle choice, it’s time to reconsider! Studies show that certain types of games can have a powerful, neurostimulation effect on the aging human brain. They can also help keep motor coordination from degenerating quickly in older generations.


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