Make online classes successful: 5 plans for teachers

With the growing advancement in science and technology, our educational field has also evolved a lot from the last decade. From traditional learning methods, people are switching to the online teaching modes of learning. During the pandemic time, we experienced the vigorous growth of online teaching platforms because of the benefits and advantages offered to educators and learners all across the globe. But the scope for improvisation and betterment is always there. Therefore for making online classes more successful, more additions and following certain techniques will surely be beneficial. 

5 plans for teachers to make online classes a success. 

If you as a teacher want to do effective preparation and improve your online classroom for its success, the mentioned tips and plans will surely help you in this regard. Let us discuss them one by one.

1. Interact with students individually

The best way to make online classes is to interact with the students separately or individually. It is one of the most important maxims of teaching or the main principles that every effective teacher must follow. With the help of a learning management system software, you can conduct track, record, and respond to the students on an online teaching platform individually.  Physical interactions are not possible but paying individual attention can be achieved via online teaching too. 

When you will interact with all the students of a respective class, there will be better teacher-student bonding and relationship. Strong connections lead to better emotional and personal understandings and also enhance the performances of the learners in the class. It is one of the best ways to make online classes successful in the educational field. With the help of online classes, chatting facilities, teachers can easily interact with the learners. Responses and suggestions can be sent to the respective mail addresses too. This way students will feel that all are given equal attention and importance. Student engagement and involvement in the class will also improve. 

2. Timely interaction with parents

Interactions with parents about the child’s growth and progress are very important for making online teaching successful. Parents are equally beneficial as teachers to frame, guide, and teach their children the best values and knowledge. Every parent wants to see his or her child progressing and improving in academics. With this motive only, they choose the best educational institutions for their children. When teachers connect with the parents and share the important aspects, they feel that proper attention has been paid to them and their children. All the anticipation processes, additions, removals, examinations, results, and promotions must be discussed with the parents. 

By using a learning management system software tracking performances and giving results is not difficult anymore. Teachers can use it for their convenience and must give proper growth, result charts of the students to their parents. It will help students and parents to know the ward performed and what can be done for the improvisation. Other than this, discussions about extracurricular activities, trips, events, etc should also be discussed with the parents for making online teaching successful. 

3. Promote student collaborations and socialization

Collaboration and specialization among students are very important for their proper growth and development. When this will be introduced and practiced in online teaching, it will surely make this platform suitable and successful for teaching and learning. Teachers can foster this process in online classes too. Group discussions and interactions are very beneficial in this regard. A teacher can give a good topic to the students and random discussions can be carried out. Teachers have to make sure that all are participating by encouraging the students to speak up without the fear of being judged. Developing a healthy and positive environment for learning is important. Debating, recitations, group storytelling can be done too. Teachers can give a small break in between the classes where students can talk freely. This will boost bonding and socialization. 

Practicing student collaboration and interaction is one of the most important maxims of teaching that every teacher should involve in their teaching methods. Healthy interactions and engagement lead to more opinions, views, and exchange of information which is best helpful for making the online teaching process the best among all. 

4. Practice innovative learning methods

For making any learning platform successful, student participation is very important. Innovative and creative techniques are the best to catch the interest and participation of the learners. Gamification, playing quizzes, riddles and puzzles are quite interesting for the students. Creative essay writing, giving online certificates, and rewards to the active participants are very helpful techniques for making online teaching the priority of learners. 

5. Utilize modern teaching aids

Using modern teaching aids is very helpful for making online classes better and improved for the learners.  Teachers should use audio tools, video tools, audiovisual teaching aids for improving the quality of education. Modules, presentations, graphics, animations, flashcards make learning interactive and easy for the learners. It enhances the quality of virtual classrooms too. 

Improve your skills: The online mode of teaching can be very effective if you choose the right method. Latest tools are being developed regularly that can efficiently improve student participation and learning. So, it would be best to keep an eye on the latest trends and use them to improve your teaching skills. Students review for teachers is an effective way to understand the student’s expectations from a good teacher. You can read these reviews and adopt the suggestions to teach them at their level.


Creating a plan of action for making an online teaching platform the best and success is important. The above-mentioned strategies when involved in the plan of action will help students thrive and achieve effective education. The growth and success of the students are directly linked to the success of the teaching platform. The teacher needs to develop a place where students can learn each day and add more to their existing skills and knowledge. 


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