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Marc Leder – 5 Reasons You Should Pick Up The Guitar

Learning the guitar was something which I had wanted to do since I was a kid but I never really took the chances when I had them. At the start of this lockdown I spoke to my buddy Marc Leder a good guitarist by my reckoning, and asked him to give me a few tips and hints about learning how to play the instrument. As happy as I am that I have managed to learn to play, I am also very frustrated about not having done so before, still, the past can’t be changed. If you have been on the fence about this as I was, here is exactly why you should bite the bullet and grab yourself a guitar. 

All Alone

What I love about the guitar is that you can just pick this instrument up and start to play a song. This isn’t like a set of drums or a bass guitar, where you are playing sections of songs. Because of the fullness of the guitar, you can really play deep sounding music and there is such a thrill in doing that. 

The Rush 

Naturally the first step for me was to learn how to play one of my favorite songs, this was my goal from the beginning. I can’t describe what a rush it is when you are the one playing those same notes and chords as your favorite artist, that rush still hasn’t left me and I get it every time that I learn how to play a new song or melody. 

Asking Nothing 

You could of course give your guitar playing some serious time and look to become a real virtuoso, but in the main this is an instrument which doesn’t ask much from you. For example many times I am laying on the sofa watching TV, with the guitar in my hand plucking away at some notes or some scales. It is easy to pick up and put down, and doesn’t require any infrastructure or grand set up. 

Enhancing Your Creativity 

I have most certainly recognized that I am boosting my creativity through my guitar playing, both on the guitar and away from it. I guess it stands to reason really, with your brain being forced into creative thinking when playing notes and sounds. Many of my friends have made the same comment with regards to their guitar playing and creativity levels. 

Wealth of Resources

There is an enormous wealth of resources out there which you can use to enhance your learning. There are video guides and walk-throughs that will teach you about kit and about playing, and there is also an enormous library of tablature which you can find online that will give you the notes and chords that you need to play all of your favorite songs. There are so many options for new players to really help them get to the next level of their guitar playing. 

If you have fancied playing the guitar for a while, my advice would be go ahead and do it. 

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