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Music Power to Cope with Stress and Anxiety


Music Power to Cope with Stress and Anxiety

Music Power to Cope with Stress and Anxiety

Music has always accompanied human activities, from great celebrations to melancholy moments. And the opera is very present in this sense! Musical notes and their rhythms penetrate our minds and have become a kind of soundtrack to our lives.

Most people enjoy listening to, playing, and/or creating music. Music is all around us on the radio, in TV commercials, at bars and other venues where we can go and see our favorite band. Listening to music is a lot of fun, but did you know it can also be beneficial to mental health? Stress and anxiety affect many people’s lives. The good news is that music can help and is a very powerful tool when it comes to stress management.

Music and Nature

Music and Nature

Going towards even older times, we can say that music had a marked presence in human history. Their presence in nature – like the sound of birds, leaves, and other sounds like running streams – proves that music has been present in man’s life since the dawn of civilization, has not it?

Musical genres of the most diverse as the Opera, to the most contemporary and alternative styles, music is present in our days and came to stay.

With the mixing of new types of music, we realize that music is constantly evolving and changing. Can you imagine without music? Be it Opera or even the music of fashion?

Music and anxiety

From ancient times music has its long list of uses for human life. Whether for reasons of expression or even entertainment and recreation, as well as observation, in the case of a spectacle or an Opera performance. There are many apparent benefits that man perceives.

Even with the variation of its use through the ages, music has also been used for propaganda campaigns, as a way to express feelings, desires or even ask for immediate action.

Even with such diversification, in addition to the mixing of human cultures, it can be affirmed, even with certain certainty by all of us, that music can be used by all as a means of “stress relief.” Undoubtedly, this is one of the great benefits of music. We know that problems related to anxiety cause the “worst” in us and us. So, what would be the best way to overcome this “worse” side of anxiety, than something that so calms as music? How to watch an opera, for example? Listening to birdsong in the morning is not relaxing?

Music and Emotions

There are many different types of music that can provoke different emotions. Many times when artists create or write music, they are putting their heart and soul into both the lyrics and the melody. Some types of music are calm and cheerful. Others might be loud and angry.

Music can greatly influence our emotions and thinking. When feeling anxious and worried, listening to calming music can help to relieve those feelings. Sometimes when we are angry or worried, listening to some loud and angry music might make us feel less alone.

Music as a medium

Music and its influence on human health bring the curiosity of scholars for their beneficial results in human health. And it is important to highlight, within this range of possibilities and interests by studies that the most stand out are the use of music as medication, as an anxiety transformer.

Several studies have pointed to the power of music as a treatment for anxiety relief.

Its calming effect is incontestable and unparalleled in the human mind. Simple exposure to certain songs, such as the classic ones, such as an opera performance , are relaxing and prevent the accumulation of anxiety that is so harmful, which can lead to nausea, if not to heart palpitations, chest pains, or even difficulty in breathing and headaches often in an elevated state that may be considered chronic.

Finally, having an anxiety medication available, even if it is so alternative, is of paramount importance to the health and well-being of people. Mainly to avoid the possible complications that anxiety brings.

Creating Music

Some people love to play instruments or write their own music. This is another medium in which music can help a person cope with stress and anxiety. Many people going through a break-up or rough time in their lives may choose to create sad and soft music to show how they are feeling. Others who are happy and have found their true love may create or play music that is upbeat and jovial. Creating music is another great way to cope with stress and anxiety.

Is music therapy?

Not everyone likes having to go to hospital therapy. In fact, as indicated in some surveys – and you might ask yourself too – many people choose not to participate in hospital therapy. Especially because they find it an embarrassment. Other people, even if they consult the doctor regularly, ask for anonymity because they would not want to feel ridiculed for thinking that anxiety would be a weakness.

But know, life is full of moments of anxiety and stress. And not everyone has the time and money to attend therapy sessions. It is good that we surround ourselves with music as an alternative to anxiety medications. Or would you rather go to doctors when the situation is more critical?


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