Online Training for Tennessee’s Armed Guard Forces

Because outstanding training inspires confidence, Alliance Training and Testing’s 16-hour armed security Guard training program assures that our students begin their career in Tennessee well with confidence they have to succeed. Students learn about Tennessee’s firearms rules, legal duties, and how to pick the finest guns and accessories. Hands-on time with weapons is incorporated in range training to develop weapon manipulation ability. Our high-quality training prepares students for tactical and real-life circumstances, and our skilled professors speak with authority.

Military Requirements in the State of Tennessee

The duty of a security guard/officer is to safeguard persons and property against criminal activities. They may be engaged by a contract security business or a proprietary security group. Guards who are registered as armed guards can work as armed or unarmed guards and are not need to be registered as a “unarmed” guard in addition to their normal registration.

To be permitted to carry a firearm, all armed security guards must meet the registration conditions for armed guard licenses.

Tennessee Alliance Training and Testing Instructional Programs

The instructional packages supplied by Alliance Training and testing satisfy all criteria for earning a Tennessee licensing as an armed or unarmed security officer. By offering superior security Guard training, we hope to meet a need in the state of Tennessee for both armed and unarmed officers. Alliance Training & Testing Tennessee’s programs include unarmed and armed officer training, online on-demand unarmed guard licensing certification, armed upgrade license classes, and armed renewal license classes. Unarmed as well as armed officer licensure classes are also offered. Unarmed group discount pricing ranging from 5% to 25% off are available to individuals and corporations. For Online Security Guard License Training Course Tennessee please visit.

How much do Classes cost?

Students learn about Tennessee’s firearms rules, legal duties, and how to pick the finest guns and accessories. Hands-on time with weapons is incorporated in range training to develop weapon manipulation ability.

Students must achieve a total score of 70 or higher on the written and shooting exams.

  • Cost: $160.00
  • Licensing for unarmed security guards is $50.00.
  • Training for a licensure as an armed security officer is $110.00.


  • On the first day of class, $110.00 is due.
  • Acceptable forms of payment include Cash Only

Strategic Partnership in Security Guard Licensing and Security Guard Training

As a consequence of our partnership, businesses may advertise job vacancies for free and easily discover eligible individuals. The job board, free employment resources, and a free step-by-step licensing guide are provided to aid students in completing the Tennessee licensing system and helping them find work.

The successful completion of this premium 16-hour course comprises 4 hours of unarmed guard licensure training given by Alliance Training & Testing LLC at our training facility in Tennessee, TN. Warren Smith provides eight additional hours of classroom instruction and four hours of range training at Royal Range.

The following qualifications are required for this position:

A portion of the training is an evaluation that includes the areas in which the student must have finished the program in order to be certified. All candidates are required to complete a four-hour foundation course, which comprises one hour of each of the following components:

  • Orientation
  • The power and constraints of a security guard/legal officer
  • Procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency.
  • Obligations of everyday living

Weapons or other devices that are less lethal than fatal will be utilized regardless of further training.

An armed guard is needed to attend an extra eight hours of classroom education, which includes the following topics:

  • Using a weapon is subject to stringent legal limitations.
  • The proper way to handle a weapon
  • Gun maintenance and safety

An armed guard applicant must additionally complete an extra four hours of shooting training and obtain a score of at least 70 percent on a shadow target course authorized by the commissioner.

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