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Peter Thiel talks about living a long life and taking HGH

Peter Thiel is a venture capitalist that has his hands in many entrepreneurial enterprises. He started PayPal, then funded Facebook and has since moved on to data technology. 

The entrepreneur, now with an estimated $2.3 billion net worth, is ranked as number four on the 2014 Forbes Midas List and was listed as number 328 on the 2018 Forbes 400 list. He said there are so many things that can be discovered in the worlds of science and technology that no one can really copy another entrepreneur. 

Longing for Life

Thiel is hoping for a long life to make new discoveries. One of the ideas that intrigues him is extending human life. He doesn’t just want life to go on but wants it to be a quality life. So, Thiel incorporated a number of practices into his own life that he hopes will allow him to live to be 120 years old.

“I certainly hope to (live to 120), yes,” he said in response to a question about his life expectations during an interview on youtube. 

Thiel said sugar is the primary culprit that shortens life and he seeks to reduce it in his diet. He admits it is difficult but he has reduced it. He also said he was on the paleo diet and believes that is the diet that will allow him to live to be 120 years old. 

But there is something else he does that Thiel believes will help him as he ages. He takes human growth hormone (HGH) daily. 

“The main drastic thing I’m doing is taking HGH daily,” Thiel said. 

When asked why he decided on a growth hormone treatment, Thiel said it has enormous benefits for him. 

“It helps maintain muscle mass, so you’re much less likely to get bone injuries, arthritis as you get other,” he said. 

Thiel added there are risks, and cancer is a risk, but he felt the risk was low enough that taking Growth Hormone had more long-term benefits than disadvantages. 

How Tech Will Improve Lives

Thiel said the new technology will be at the forefront of extending people’s lives and making for more high-quality lives as he believes a cure for cancer and Alzheimer’s are in store for the future. Thiel also believes there will be new ways to restore failing organs. 

The billionaire said that entrepreneurs will always be a driving force of the future because they believe in what they are doing. Thiel said a solid company is motivated by a passionate belief that what they are doing is important and that belief motivates those working for the company toward success. 

He said people will always want to create new things because the world is constantly changing. Those who start new projects tend to be an extreme personality, Thie said. 

He originally created PayPal to become an alternate currency but believes it stopped short of that reality. Now, Thiel is focused on Palantir, a joint venture of data analytics. His company, in layman’s terms, has platforms that manage data in a way that is comparable to software managers working with code.

Improving Stamina

Hormone replacement therapy has been shown to improve energy and stamina of those taking it. That is why many celebrities like Thiel and actress Suzanne Sommers are pleased with it. 

While it isn’t a miracle cure, this type of hormone replacement therapy has helped those with deficiencies for decades to keep their bodies functioning correctly. The hormone is typically produced naturally in the pituitary gland, but sometimes that gland quits functioning. Hormone replacement therapy for men can also improve energy and stamina and combat fatigue, muscle loss, insomnia and anxiety.

How You Can Improve Your Health

Just like Thiel, there are ways you can take charge of your health to not only live longer but live better. Changing your diet, exercise and constantly learning new things are all helpful in the effort. 

However, some who suffer from hormone deficiency will find they suffer from things like fatigue and weakened bones or immune systems. Those people, once properly diagnosed by a doctor, can get Human Growth Hormone treatments that will ease many of those symptoms as well as improve vitality and muscle mass. 

There are many clinics, one of them is HGH Therapy Clinic (, which is well-known in Florida and all around the US. Their professional team provides hormone replacement therapy for men and women with a prescription. Calling to get more information could be the best decision for your health have ever made.

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