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Platforms to 10x your Streaming Experience

When talking about streaming, what is it that makes your experience the best? Is it the service, the device, or what?  If it’s the service, then which service is supposedly the best of them all that will be worth our money and provide us with the experience and content we are looking for?

In truth, two things amplify your streaming experience. 

  1. The Streaming service
  2. Essential tips regarding streaming experiences

How are these two things linked, and how do they make our experience worthwhile, read along and find out.

Best Streaming Services


One of the top streaming platforms currently, Netflix has outdone itself by providing the most content and being available worldwide. The Netflix Original is what makes it the most popular of the lot. Their original content is always ranked number 1 and is on the most-watched list. 

Netflix houses regional content based on the country it is available in and always ads new content on its platform for viewers. Its price ranges from $8.99 to $17.99, which also alters the plan from HD to 4K and multiple screens.


The streaming service that began the infamous streaming wars in late 2019, but we are glad that Disney+ made its debut and risked it all, knowing that it had multiple rivals waiting for it to beat it. But Disney+ surprised everyone by soaring to success. It is the perfect trip down memory lane with all the Disney classics and Disney channel oldies along with numerous new titles on their platform. 

Disney Plus also holds all the Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and Nat Geo collections on their streaming service. It comes with two packages, monthly $6.99 and yearly $69.99. Disney+ streams in 4K without any additional cost. 

BBC iPlayer

If you are looking for shows, movies, and some TV on your streaming device, then BBC iPlayer is your OG. It houses numerous British content that are otherwise unavailable on major streaming platforms. If you are looking for a way to cut your cord, then do it, and turn towards BBC iPlayer as it has alot to offer. 

The best part about the iPlayer is that it is absolutely free. 


Hulu is a US exclusive streaming service that displays popular shows and movies. Moreover, it has its own alternative for people who want to permanently cut the cord and replace it with Hulu + Live TV. It houses some of the most popular shows while it has a limited original collection of its own as well, like The Handmaid’s Tale and more. 

Hulu is one of the most affordable services at $5.99 per month and Hulu+ Live TV for $54.99. 

Tips for the best streaming experience

If you want to amplify your streaming experience with our top suggested platforms for VOD, then make sure things are right in the following categories. 

Fast Internet

Nothing can stream your content if you own a crappy internet service or device. A good quality internet is a bare minimum, yet an essential thing a streaming service requires. For you to stream content in HD, your internet should exceed the speed of 5Mbps. And if you want content in 4K for Netflix or Disney+, make sure your internet has 15-25 Mbps speed. Anything below that won’t stream in 4K.

Check Internet Speed

You don’t have to know alot to test your internet speed out. Before you begin to stream, make sure you understand your internet speed and how much you are paying. Most of the time, internet service providers only supply you with half the speed they initially promised, scamming you of your money. Conduct speed tests on and find out your regular speed and speed on-peak hours.

Good Device

Even if your internet is fantastic, and you have the best streaming service, if your device is slow or lacks the proper sound or screen quality, then everything will go down the drain. Make sure your device and the software on it are up to date. A slow device will slow down your video, lag, and disrupt the video repeatedly. 

Fast VPN

Invest in a good quality VPN that does not slow down your internet speed while you stream restricted libraries on Hulu or Netflix. Also, conduct a speed test before and after connecting to a VPN to ensure a minimum dip. 

Disconnect Other Devices Connected to the VPN

Turn off connection on all other unnecessary devices that are connected to your internet and share the speed. It includes your phone, any extra tablets, or your TV. 


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