Popular Bathroom Tiling Ideas You Should Know

Bathroom upgradation is a fun project, and if your budget is flexible, you can alter everything to change for a new look and new feeling. You can replace your faucets, change the color of walls, install new cabinets and drawers, and build niches and tiles. 

You should know that bathroom tiles make all the difference. Your bathroom will look odd and uneven if you change everything about your bathroom but the tiles. This blog walks you through some popular bathroom tiling ideas. Let’s check them out in the following sections. 

Which Bathroom Tiling Is Ideal For You?

Concrete bathroom floors are out of fashion, and they can make your bathroom look boring if you have upgraded other elements in the room. But which titles to choose for the bathroom can make the difference? A wide array of safe, functional, and aesthetic options are available. Some of the popular bathroom tiles are:


  1. Marble Tiles: When it comes to wealth, luxury, and extravagance, marble is the popular tiling material. It is subtle beauty, and sleek appearance make it ideal for adding rich texture to your bathroom designs.

The classic marble stones work well with both modern and traditional bathroom decors. So, install them in your bathroom with the help of contractors from Bathroom and Laundry Renovations Adelaide

  1. Porcelain Tiles: Porcelain tiles are popular among homeowners because they are beautiful and long-lasting. This material is highly water-resistant, study, and durable. In addition, porcelain tiles are less easier to get stained or scratched.

They can be used to create fascinating effects and are available in various colors and styles. You can also have a glossy and matt look with porcelain tiles. 

  1. Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tiles are similar to porcelain tiles in terms of materials but are not finely ground. This makes ceramic tiles less water-resistant and hard-wearing. However, if they are correctly sealed, they can be durable.

Ceramic tiles can also be used on walls to create a minimalistic and seamless look. They are easy to maintain and cost-effective and can give out a luxurious feel. 

  1. Limestone Tiles: Limestone tiles by All Area Tiling are ideal for natural-toned bathroom designs. It has subtle shades like brown, beige, and grey, which feel soft and bring warmth and comfort.

Limestones are also durable, but they are required to be sealed very well in the bathrooms because they are porous material. But they are worth the investment, as they are attractive and versatile. 

  1. Terracotta Tiles: If you want to have a Mediterranean vibe in your bathroom, terracotta can be the best tiling material for you. They have natural, earthy shades like red and orange, making your bathroom look fun and exotic while giving a warm and inviting feeling.

Just like ceramic tiles, terracotta tiles should be sealed well to make them durable and suitable for the bathroom. 

Wrapping Up

Changing your bathroom tiles can make the entire room look new and well-furnished. So, if you are bored with an old and damp bathroom floor, it’s time you install a new one. 

Endless bathroom tiling options allow you to choose the ones that match your bathroom decor. You can also check out stores like All Area Tiling to find out unique tile materials. 

James Vines

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