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Provence Residence EC Location and Plans

Finding the best condominium or residence in the top number one area, such as in Canberra, Singapore, is not easy. Okay, you may find one or two options, but you may find several constraints such as the location that is not strategic at all, limited access, high pricing over the usual infrastructures, and many more. It is really breaking your heart to the core indeed. Today, there is a solution to all of the problems that may haunt your dreams in the property fields, and it is called the Provence Residence EC. Provence Residence EC is totally designed for you who have demanded a house with tons of privileges starting from the easiest access to various important places, comprehended infrastructures, and also the lavish environment with the executives and young executives in Singapore. In this article, we are going to talk further about the point plus on Provence Residence EC, such as the location review, floorplan review, and the features that they offer over the honest brochures. Let’s get started to get the information in the below section.

Provence Residence Location 

Provence Residence EC was built by the philosophy and the solution towards the problems that mostly appear for the businessman and young businessman in Singapore and even worldwide. The problems can be mapped as follows:

1. Lack of Option

This problem may be the first thing that makes the people, especially businessmen in Singapore, think twice before deciding to take a house from the residence provider. I think that the house type option has become the focus that a lot of developers forget in building a residence. Hence, the Provence Residence EC has breakthrough by creating a high-quality executive condominium that gives the best options for people in business and young people in the industry with various references and dynamic demands.

2. High Pricing with Minimum features

Most condominium developers are taking a high price over the so-so housing and features on their residence. One of the awful reasons given is the lack of space or the location’s price that high from the very start. This problem is easily beat by Provence Residence that provides the best residence ever with modern and lavish houses and comprehended features for the people who are living there.

Since we know the advantages and the problem-solving provided by the Proven Residence above, Provence Residence offered one more benefit that able to become the thing that you are looking for so far. It is called the “strategic location.”

Provence Residence was building the most powerful area in Canberra Link of District 27. This location has become the place that gives you the ease of access to various essential and economic centers in Singapore, such as Sembawang Shopping Center and Sun Plaza. Not only that, but the Provence Residence also provides you with the closest access to reach the Canberra MRT that you can reach in a matter of minutes. It is a perfect option for young businessmen or colleagues who have dynamic mobility and require easy access to public transportation daily. Provence Residence is also a perfect residence that provides you with the access to reach the strategic locations in Singapore by your private vehicles. The road is connected to the Canberra walk and link which you can access those places only in minutes of riding. The access to get into the North-South Line is also gives you an advantage in advance. You can reach North-South Line in seven minutes driving and never get to worry about getting stuck with the jam as in the other places.

Provence residence is also thinking carefully about the access to reach the educational institution for your children and family. That is why Proven Residence is designed to close enough for families to reach reputable educational institutions such as the CES (Canberra Elementary School) and SES (Sembawang Elementary School). You don’t have to afraid to be late to pick up your beloved one anymore after school. It also increases the security rate for your children to go and to go back from school as well.

If you are interested in our offers that bring you more advantages than what you have expected before, you can get in touch with us by making an appointment with our VIP customer service at +65 6100 1908. We are looking for your advance visit to Provence Residence.

Provence Residence Floorplans

Providing the best design for your high-quality wellbeing is a priority for Provence Residence. It can be proven as the set of the floor plan that having the various types. Provence Residence do so because they believe that you are an excellent selective person. Hence you can be free to find the type suitable for your needs, character, dream, and finance. You can take a look closer at the Floor plan that will be described below:

3 Bedroom plan

If you are young and dynamic families or individuals who love the freedom of privacy, 3 Bedroom Plan is the best option for you. You can choose among the various types provided, starting from C1, C2, C3, C4, and C5. 3 Bedroom plan is one of the favorite products that engage many young families and individuals so far.

3 Bedroom Premium Plan

Do you have a high-taste in luxury residence and willing to find one suitable for your high-quality standard for maximum privacy and a good life? 3 Bedroom Premium Plan is the best choice. Type C6 and C7 is the best-selling residence for people with good taste like you.

4 Bedroom Plan 

A good place for your families is a thing that you cannot delay or deny. Hence, by knowing that, Provence Residence provides the type D1 and D2 to support your family for having a good life as long as possible.

Provence Residence eBrochure

There is a lot of benefit to living in Provence Residence, starting from the ease of access to Singapore’s strategic and economic places, educational institutions, and public transport like MRT. Book now before you find out that other people take your dream house. Go ahead, make an appointment with us, and witness by yourself that your dream is closer with Provence Residence. For further information and book an appointment, you can contact our customer services at +65 6100 1908. You can also download the free e-brochure on the Provence Residence EC website with a single click.

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