Quick Guide to Servicing and Maintaining Honda Bikes

If you use Honda bikes then you would expect top notch performance from your two wheeler. However, to receive exceptional performance from your Honda bikes you also need to properly maintain and service your two wheelers. After a few months or years of ownership, there is a typical propensity to neglect your motorcycles. 

Nevertheless, after you buy Honda bikes, there are a few easy things you should perform on a daily basis to maintain the condition of your bike. In this article, we will discuss some crucial bike maintenance and service pointers that will keep you and your Honda bikes happy for a very long time.

Daily maintenance can provide your Honda bikes with an incredible lifespan.

Maintain your engine

The engine is the heart of any bike and Honda bikes are no exception, so keeping it tuned up and serviced on a regular basis will keep it running smoothly and save you money on gas. Do take extra care when maintaining valve clearances and cleaning the carburetor. Also, keep your carburetor clean at all times. 

Clean the float chamber and other components of the carburetor after every 1500 km of driving. Don’t overlook the spark plug because it is equally important. Spark plugs are the most important component in good engine combustion, therefore make sure they are clean and that the gap is adjusted properly. If necessary you should also replace the spark plug.

Clean the spark plug often, ideally every 750 km for two-stroke motorcycles and every 1500 km for four-stroke motorcycles. The majority of contemporary motorcycles nowadays require the use of the choke in order to start on a cold start. Utilizing a choke aids in satisfying both the fuel economy and pollution standards.

Inspect the engine oil

The maintenance and functioning of your Honda bikes depend heavily on the engine oil. Check the engine oil level frequently, and keep it at the proper level at all times. Look for any potential oil leaks. The oil will thicken due to the presence of carbon deposits, which will provide a drag on the movement of the engine’s internals. Using unclean oil can significantly shorten the engine’s lifespan in addition to increasing fuel consumption.

Maintain the bike’s Battery

Periodic maintenance is necessary for your bike’s battery to guarantee a long and trouble-free life. Add distilled water to the battery as needed and examine the battery for any leaks. Your Honda bikes should be completely spotless and free of any battery leaks. When the motorbike is not in use for an extended period of time, you must make sure the battery is kept completely charged.

Keep your air filter clean

Always be careful and keep the air filter of Honda bikes clean because the dusty environment in India might quickly block the filter. Always replace the air filter at the appropriate times; if the air is especially dusty, increase the frequency of cleaning.

Clean the surface of the bike

In order to preserve the surface quality of the bike, you need to regularly clean the Honda bikes’ surface. Make sure the ignition switch unit, H.T., is in working order before you begin cleaning the motorbike. For your information, plastic sheets are used to completely enclose the coil and the silencer. Additionally, try to put your bike in some shade if possible. Exposing your bike to sunlight frequently will dull its appearance.

Properly adjust the clutch

During any trip, the clutch of Honda bikes is frequently used to shift the gears at regular intervals. The clutch should have the appropriate amount of free play and should be properly calibrated. Avoid over-tightening your clutch because it can certainly increase your fuel consumption.

Take care of the Brakes

Always maintain the optimum spacing between the two brakes gripping the tyre. It is quite risky for brakes to become either too tight or too loose. It is usually advised to adjust the brakes to the individual needs and riding preferences of the bike user. Also, remember that Oil Shortage can be the reason behind the persistent screeching noise which comes out of the front brake of Honda bikes.

Check your tyres regularly

It’s crucial to routinely inspect your Honda bike’s tyres. Examine your bike’s condition and the air pressure closely. Ensure that the tyre pressures are kept at the levels advised by the manufacturer of your bike. Do inspect the tyres for any potential scratches and cuts that might result in unfavorable events like tyre blowouts. Wheel alignment and balance should also be checked and remember to check the treads on your tyres at least once every week.

To conclude

By following the above-mentioned instructions you will be easily able to take care of your Honda bikes and receive the best performance from your two wheelers while riding the same. In case you want to buy a good quality second hand Honda bike you should check out Beepkart. It is an online platform from which you can easily choose the best Honda bikes available in the market at an extremely affordable price without going through much trouble.

James Vines

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