Rise In Climate Jobs: Know About The Opportunities Present In The Green Economy

The climate crisis is very real and a major issue for the world in today’s time. A worldwide movement is on to stop extreme climate change. It is good news for everyone. After all, sustainability is a priority, and greener approaches are becoming more and more popular. But does this battle with climate change impact your employment in any way? Well, it might!

A climate job is no new term, but it has gained more awareness recently. The green economy is developing rapidly and greatly influences the employment markets. What Do you think? Read on as we explore the nitty gritty of climate jobs and the opportunities the world’s green economy brings!

1. Are Climate Jobs Rising?

Yes, climate jobs are in high demand! Let’s hear the entire story! Certain steps are mandatory to prevent climate change. We must stop burning fossil fuels and cut emissions of greenhouse gases. Our focus should be on renewable, green energy. While the world is determined to take all the necessary measures, many will lose their employment in the fossil fuel sectors. Currently, the fossil fuel sector employs more than 18 million people worldwide. The UN’s International Labour Organisation predicts the loss of 6 million jobs by 2030 during the shift to clean energy.

The story doesn’t end here, as there’s a bigger picture! The green economy aims for sustainable development without causing any harm to the environment. The International Labour Organisation also predicts the developing green economy will create 24 million job opportunities. Crunch the numbers, and you will see exceptional growth in job opportunities.

2. Job Opportunities in The Green Economy

You probably have heard the term green talent. It refers to the ability and knowledge required to live in, build, and support a resource-efficient and sustainable society. There are more than 600 green skills. And to answer today’s query, there are around 400 green job titles! Climate jobs and green jobs do have certain distinctions. However, both revolve around a sustainable environment.

3. Which Industry has the Highest Demand for Climate Jobs?

Quite easy to guess, energy and mining industries are seeing a fast-growing demand for employees with green talent. Agriculture, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and construction industries also highly demand green jobs. We should also talk about climate tech industries here. Climate technologies can be a powerful weapon against global warming. Climate tech companies are quickly developing, with a good amount of start-ups. This industry also offers a noticeable number of climate jobs.

4. List of Climate Jobs

Are you exploring career opportunities in the green economy? Then, you must thoroughly understand the job titles and responsibilities. Start by checking out the jobs that will play the most important part in the green economy.

Renewable Energy Engineer

Many skilled engineers and technicians are employed in traditional, non-renewable energy companies. Renewable energy companies also require engineers and technicians. In fact, these companies provide significant employment opportunities. A report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (2022) displayed the renewable energy sector providing 12.7 million jobs. The maximum number of jobs (4.3 million) came from the solar energy industry. Apart from the employment opportunities in solar plants, companies involved with hydroelectric power, biofuels, wind turbines, and clean transport also offer great climate jobs!

The future scope is promising. The International Energy Agency estimates that wind turbine technicians and solar panel installers will have the highest demands by 2030.

Eco Builder

The building industry causes major pollution, but it’s also shifting to a greener approach. Its use of natural and environment-friendly materials and modern construction methods can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The modern and sustainable building industry requires specialist climate jobs. The International Labour Organisation has predicted 6.5 million climate jobs in sustainable construction by 2030.


The new green economy will focus on reusing, refurbishing, repairing, remaking, and repurposing. Sustainable fashion designers, furniture designers, and other creative employees will be required in the process of recycling or upcycling. The International Labour Organisation estimates the creation of 6 million jobs in recycling sectors.

Urban Farmer

Urban farming relies on the latest agricultural technology and innovative architecture to reduce the use of natural resources. Green roof gardens and farms further help the environment by soaking the rainfall and keeping the buildings under cover. All these features make urban farming more suitable for the modern world. Urban farming is going to stay, and hence, urban farmers will be in demand.

Sustainability Expert

We are talking about sustainability, so the demand for sustainability experts is not hard to guess! Different sectors in the green economy will need experts to help maintain sustainability. Regardless of how small or big a company is, expert guidance for sustainability will become crucial. The experts will help to reduce the companies’ resource consumption, emissions, and waste.


The shift towards renewable energy and resources, the trend to reduce carbon footprint, and the desire to do right by the environment affect worldwide employment. Chances of employment loss are there, but the chances of employment creation are much higher in the green economy. By now, you know the industries with the highest employment opportunities and the job titles with the highest demand. So, get climate jobs, build a strong career, and help make the world a better place to live. Wish you all the best!

James Vines

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