Risk Factors For Back Pain

Back pain is a widespread condition, and many people around the world suffer silently from it.  Unfortunately, anyone, regardless of their age or occupation, can suffer from back pain and become frustrated and stressed, wondering how to solve the problem.

However, why should you wait until you are in severe back pain to look for help while you can know the risk factors and take the appropriate steps to avoid and manage back pain? The good news is that back pain doesn’t have to be long-lasting, as long as you seek treatment as soon as possible. Here are 7 risk factors that can contribute to back pain:

Old age is a blessing! However, as you grow older, your muscles and bones weaken. Your immune system also weakens; thus, you are more susceptible to illnesses than when you were younger. As a result, back pain is more severe in older people than in teenagers. Young people however, should maintain a healthy lifestyle so as to reduce the risk when they grow older.

  • Occupational Risk Factors

Unfortunately, some occupations aren’t great for your back. Jobs that require pulling, pushing, and lifting heavy objects put you at risk of developing back pain. Desk jobs, that means that you sit for a long period and thus are inactive for many hours, are also in this category.

  • Diseases

Diseases that affect the spine lead to severe back pain for the patients. Some forms of arthritis and kidney infections may also lead to back pains, and thus you must ensure you get help in managing these symptoms.

  • Your Fitness Level

Your fitness level can lead to severe back pain. Most inactive people who aren’t physically fit suffer from severe physical pain that may even turn chronic if they don’t get help. On the other hand, if you are inactive for the big part of the week, then exercise heavily; you will most likely suffer from severe back pain. Consequently, you should schedule a physiotherapy session for assistance. 

  • Weight

By carrying extra weight, you are putting more pressure on your back, which will lead to back pain. How you carry the object determines how well distributed the weight will be; if it is well distributed, your back is safe.

  • Obesity

Being overweight isn’t good for your health, and neither is it good for your back. That is why when you visit a physical therapist complaining of back pain, they will recommend the steps you should take to shed off the excess weight.

  • Cigarettes

You know that cigarette smoking is harmful to your health but did you know that it is also related to low back pain and low back pain with sciatica? Additionally, smoking cigarettes slows down the healing process, so it will take you longer to recover after sports injuries, back injuries, or broken bones. 


A healthy back means you get to enjoy your life more. That is why taking care of yourself and living a healthier lifestyle should be your priority. That is why we recommend that you get a sports massage when your back muscles are tense or stiff to avoid back pain. There are also other options that you will discover once you visit a therapist, and you will see a significant change.


AK Baloch

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